Friday, March 18, 2011

God is So Awesome...Welcome Baby Candace!

You know when you think that you have experienced God's Greatest in Your life, and then Suddenly something happens to let you know that you have not seen Anything yet?   On Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 @ 11:50a.m. Baby Candace was born.  She was not due until May of 2011. But God had his own plans. Moma's Health ( My Daughter) caused the need for her to be taken Early.  This is My First Grandbaby. And My daughter and her husband's First Child....And it's nothing like it! Baby Candace only weighs over Two pounds and will be in the Hospital a while. But Baby Candace is a Worshipper.  From the beginnng, we called her a Anointed Child of God! Covered with the Blood of Jesus!!  And not only will We have a Testimony but, Candace Herself will have a Testimony as well. So as you go through your day.  Remember that even though things look dark, and hopeless,   that there is a God who is Real, and cannot be contained in a Box.  God is Infinite and He is Solverent.  And he does not Depend on The US Mail, UPS, Fedex, or a 9-5 Schedule to do what He needs to do.  So if you have been Praying for a Miracle, And Man saids that it can't happened.  Rebuke it, Praise God, Continually and Prepare yourself to Receive it!  If you are tired of being depressed when you come from the mail box, because there is No evidence  of anything coming to you but bills, and More bills, although you have Sowed and Sowed.  And even though tears may be running down your face.  Just Praise Him and Praise Him some more. Because So what if nothing came in the mail.  So what if the mail does not run on Sunday.  So what if the bank closes at 6:00p.m.  And So what if the doctor said that there is Nothing else that he can do, If you are a Child of God whoTruly Serves Him, and who Sows into His Word, .....What do those Things Really have to do with You?!!!  God is not not Bound!! And what the doctor can't do, God Definitely Can!!! So,Expect God to do The Uncommon When He Blesses You and Answer Your Prayers.  And While I Praise God for My First Grandbaby, Baby Candace and Continue to Pray for Her Continued Healing and her Mom... why don't you Wipe Your Tears, Put the devil and his spirit of discouragement under your Feet.  And Keep Praising, and Keep Expecting.  Because this God is  Fathful that Promised....And He is So...Awesome!  Blessings, PastorD