Thursday, November 23, 2017

"EXCUSE ME...DID YOU FORGET TO SAY..THANK YOU?!" ( Happy/Blessed Thanksgiving!)

In The Story of The Ten Lepers who were healed by Jesus, Only One had The Gratitude
to come back and Give Jesus Praise for his Healing. You know, I can Only Imagine Jesus
saying to the other Nine...."Excuse Me....Did You Forget to Say..Thank You?!"
Well, The Other Nine probably went away and Partied After they went and showed themselves
to The Priest to have their Cleansing Confirmed. But to The One who did Return to give Jesus
Thanks.. he was not just Healed but he was made Whole....******Okay, Let's Put a Pen
in this for a minute.  Now, Look at The Contrast between Jesus ( God in The Flesh, Ruler Over All of Us)...And #45 Donald Trump, The Make Shift President of The United States. Those Nine Lepers
may not of showed Jesus enough Appreciation, But Jesus did not Go and
get his Twitter Account, and call
them and their Father's  Out by calling them a Fool.  Jesus did not say...Well, Look at those Ungrateful Negroes.. I Should of Let them be Stuck with Leprosy.
 No, he just let them go about their way, and maybe realize that they missed out on being Whole and Not Just Healed.  You see, Jesus Loves, He had The Love of God in Him.
 You see, There was No Ego and there was No Racism. Jesus was Not
So Insecure that He had to Put Folk Down just to Be Lifted Up.  Now if God in the Flesh
could do that, Who in the heck is Mr. Donald Trump?!  And by the way, Those Three Young
Athletes, Did say that they were sorry and they did say..Thank You****.
So, let me leave this word with you. With All that We are going through right now, Racism in
The White house and The Court House, Sexual Misconduct in Washington DC, Our House and
in The Church House,...( Which Must Stop Now!)..Health and Financial Problems and our Own
Personal Situations, with All of this that is going on, Let's make sure that Jesus Never has to say
to Us...."Excuse Me...Did You Forget to say....Thank You?!" You See, We have Work to do
and We All  Must Praise God Every Chance that we can in These Last Days. So, Please Have
a Blessed, Safe, God Praising Enjoyable Thanksgiving!  Continue to Be Aware of The Distractions.  And Never Stop Praying, Standing Up. And Never Stop Fighting!
From-New St. John A.M..E. Church-Dearborn.
 And Blessings  From

Saturday, November 11, 2017

"LOVE AND APPRECIATION....IS PRICELESS!-(A Message for Veterans Day.)

Happy/Blessed Veterans Day to All Veterans! The Ones at Home, and The Ones who are Out
in Harms Way.  People, Please take the time to do something Nice or say a Nice Word to a Veteran
Today. You see, these Men and Women have put Their Life on The Line for a Country who
Barely Appreciates Them.....Especially Those Soldiers of Color.  Yes, They Know The Hurt.
They know The Hurt of Homelessness, Broken Marriages, Physical and Emotional Damage.
And They Know The Hurt of Friendly Fire, Friendly Fire that was Not Always So Friendly.
Country, Congress, We Must do Better.  Because They Deserve Better. Whether They Fought in a
War, or Sat at a Desk Doing Intelligence... They Deserve Better!  So Veterans of Old and of New,We
Salute You.  And on This Day, We Offer You God's Love, God's Peace, and Healing that can
Only come from Jesus Christ.  Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Good Morning, Praise The Lord!  You Go Virginia!  The Democrats did a Clean Sweep.
We got The Governor, Lt. Governor, and The Attorney General.  I am Proud of You Virginians You
Woke Up Got Up, and Refused to be Intimidated.  Go Ahead New Jersey, and Ashley!... You Have
had Enough of The Chris Christie's of The World and You Spoke with Your Vote!  Yes,
People of All States Came Out and Used The Power of Their Vote, Yes, I Praise God for that.
But Please Excuse me While I Properly say the following With Dignity........"In Your Face Trump!!"
People are Tired of The Rhetoric, The Racism and The Hate.  And Republicans, You Better get
Some Backbone and Get Tired of The Bullying from #45. Again, like I tell The Democrats,
Wake Up, You Work for Us....Not Trump, The NRA or Anybody Else, Roll Up Your Sleeves,
Turn Down that Blood Money and Fight.  Fight for All of Us or.......Get Out!!  Because We are
coming After You in 2018. And This Message goes Double for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.
Now Democrats, Don't make the mistake like you did in 2010 by Getting  The Big Head and Relaxing. No, You Must Continue To Pray and Fight.....Every Single Day.
 And Speaking of Getting The Big Head.......Excuse Me One More Time While I Say....
...."In Your Face..Steve Bannon!!!
So, People Continue to Spread The Word, Know The Issues and Vote,
And Locally, Let Me Praise God for The Results in Dearborn, Michigan where Mayor O'Reilly
Won Re-Election inspite of The Hateful Schemes his Opponent Tafelski Tried. ( Our Church is
( In Dearborn).. And to Mayor Karen Weaver in Flint.  Every since she took over as Mayor dealing
with The Deadly Water Crisis, She had to Deal with Folks working for Gov.Snyder who kept
Trying to Shut her up, and had to deal with Haters from her Own Council.  They Tried to Recall her Yesterday, but it Didn't Work. Thanks Jesse Jackson.  Health Care Spoke
Yesterday, The People Said, Leave My Health Care ( Obama Care) Alone.Tweak What
Needs to Be Tweaked.  But Do Not Touch Me and  My Children's Heath Care.
So, The State of Maine, Proud of You .  You see, When You Serve God...(For Real)...Even though you make Mistakes.....No Weapon that is Formed against You Shall Prosper.
    Now #45, you are still on your 12 Day Trip.  Yes, You Tried to Play Down Your Losses but Face
The Reality, Folk are Tired of You.  And Maybe We Should be Thanking You. For because You
are Such a Hateful, Racist, Incompetent President who's Mental Illness Scares The Charlie Brown Out of Most People in Our Country...Because of that and God...The People Had a Mind to Work!!!
And even speaking to South Korea, You Continued The Lies.  You Bragged
about Yesterday being The Anniversary of  Your Non-Election. Well Many of Us, Cried
and Were Angry that Night.  But Last Night, Gave us Just a Little Something to Smile about
in spite of  November, 2016, Being Your Great Night.  We were able to  Grab on to Some Hope for Our Future.  So Folks, Keep On Fighting.
Brown, Black and White, Women, Men, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, Let's
Continue to Come Together as One. One in Peace and One in Love. For We Shall Have The Victory!
God said...If My People Who are Called by My Name, Will Pray, Seek My Face, and Turn From
Their Wicked Ways, Then....I Will Hear From Heaven, And Then, I Will Heal Their Land.
So,Charlotte North Carolina, Congratulations!  Keep on Turning, You Go Ahead, St. Paul Minnesota,
Keep On Turning, And Atlanta, Georgia, Don't You Dare Give Up...We are Fighting With You.
And Keep On Turning!!! Every City, County and State in This Country, Put on The Full Armour of
God and Keep On Turning.  And While You are Turning We will Continue to Pray, Stand Up
and Fight!

Monday, November 6, 2017


Good Morning, and Wake Up!-First of All My Prayers go out to The Family and Victims of The First Baptist Church of Sutherland, Texas.
 You Know, We tell our kids to go to Church. But we Do Not Expect for them to get Killed There.
I hear that Half of The Victims were Children. A 18 Month Old Baby is among The Dead, ( The 5 (Year Old is Recovering from Surgery...Praise God!).  And They Died by the hands of a Young Man that Probably needed to get help a Long time ago. On Our Prayer Line this Morning, The Pastor Talked about how The Word saids to Love Our Neighbor as Thyself, But Unfortunately, too Many People Do Not Love Themselves. Love.....People are Looking for Love.
And are going at it The Wrong Way.
Are You Still Sleep?  What is it going to Take to Have Good Gun Control?
What are You waiting on.?  NRA, Congress, The Blood is On Your Hands!
It has been reported that Because of Military and other
Previous issues, that this 26 year old man should of Never had been able to
get  a Gun.  But We are Tired of this. We are Tired of Finding out, what Was Wrong or
should not have happened."After"The Fact. And I Pray a Special Prayer for The Pastor and First Lady of this Church. They Lost their 14 Year Old Adopted Daughter. She was Still at Church even though her Parents had Business for The Church Elsewhere.

DEMOCRATS-SHUT UP AND WORK!-Okay, so Donna Brazile told a lot of Truths about
what was going on in the Democrat National Committee. And Yes, it Showed that You were not All
on the same page.  And Yes maybe the wheel did lean a little more away from Bernie Sanders.
But it is Over... Shut Up and Do Your Job!. A House Divided Cannot Stand.  And if You were this Divided in 2016, No Wonder that God Allowed Russia to Hack Your System and Allowed Mr. Trump
to Win. Your Division made it Easy for the devil to do his dirt. And Listen, Regardless of all that
was done..Bernie Sanders was Not going to Win anyway. So, Stop Pointing Fingers and Yelling
Should of, Would of, and Could of 's.  There are a Lot of Elections Tomorrow-11-7-2017. And You Need to be Concentrating on that and 2018.  Once again, You are Falling into the Sleep of
"Distractions".....Wake Up, Democrats and get Your War Clothes on.  Fight for Us and Not Each
Other, That is What We The People Hired You For. And if You cannot do the job, there are Plenty
of Folks Who Can Take Yours!

Well Mr. Trump, You are on a 12 Day Trip in Asia. Your Comments about The Shooting 
Last Night, was Decent, but had No Passion.  You Brought up that this man was Mentally 
Ill. Make No Mistake, Mentally Illness Does not Replace that We Must Fix these Gun Laws
Now....So You and The NRA...Better Not Try it.  We are Not going to Put up with it!
Once again, You have Treated this Shooting Different than The Shooting in Las Vegas,& The Killing in Charlottesville  from The Killing with The Truck in New York.  Why?
Because The Other Shooters/Killers  were not Brown or Muslim  Yes, Your True Hatred and Racism Continues to Shine through. This too is Terrorism , Call it what it is. In The Dictionary, Next to Terrorism, it Does not have a Picture of a Muslim.  Terrorism is Terror, Period....Stop it!
Back Home, besides this Awful Shooting You have Big Troubles.  And You Need to Seek God 
in a Hurry. You Need to Throw Yourself To God's Throne, and Repent.  See Your Biggest 
Problem is Not Mueller and This investigation, You See, God's Truth is about to 
Come Out. So, Your Biggest Problem is Jesus Christ and Whether You are going to Spend 
Eternity with Him or the devil.  It's Like this, You can Lie to Everybody Else and Call The 
 True Press, Fake News, But You Cannot Lie to Him.....So Wake Up!
And You, Mr. Trump, Have Some Very Serious Mental Problems Yourself.  Put The Twitter Phone Down and Get Some Help!!!!!
So, The Religious Right, The Democratic Party, Donald Trump and Friends, You Better All Wake Up. We are in the Last Days and All of Our Souls are Required of Us.
Congress,  You also have a Job to do, and that is to Fight for The People Who You Serve. For We are Holding  You Responsible. 
 And in The Name of Jesus, Those Who Know The Lord Jesus Christ for 
Real, and who have the Love of God in Our Hearts for "All" People, We Will Continue to 
Pray, Stand Up.....And Fight!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Good afternoon Everyone,
Please Excuse me,I had to  Pray and take a Deep Breath after that Unemphatic, Phone call and Tweet
to a Young Pregnant Widow of a Fallen Soldier by the name of Sgt. LA David Johnson. And who did all of these things?......It was a Man who Plays a President on Twitter and on TV....Mr. Donald Trump.( By The Way, None of These Distractions that you are doing #45, Will Stop The Truth from
(Coming out about what Really Happened to Those Four Solders.  All Truth Will Come Out!!)
He called a Congresswoman Wacky...Talk about The Mental Hospital Calling The Kettle, Crazy!
And I am sorry, but this just goes to show once again that he has No Respect for Women, especially
Black Women. But let's Not forget how he has also dis respected Sen. John McCain, Sen. Coker
and a Gold Star Family (Muslim) Called The Khan Family.  This man has No Integrity, He has
No Heart.  Kudos to Former President George W. Bush who also spoke the truth about how dangerous this President's,  Hatred, and Mental Incompetence is for this Country. And as Always,
Pres. Obama will Never have a Lack of Speaking the truth, Thanks.  Now, Sen.Jeff Flake has had enough.  No one who signed up to make a difference in this country to help All Citizens
Should have to Worry about their job being on the Line, just  Because What you say or do, can make
a President...(A Man or Woman.)..A Leader in a Democracy Mad.....Nobody!.

So, Let me say this to All of You Weak Republicans, and some Democrats....Wake Up!
Get Your Mouth Out of this President's Behind, and Wake Up!  My son who is also a Pastor
has been saying for months now, that Paul Ryan is going to make his kids ashame of him, when
History Shows that their Own Dad had No Integrity, Back Bone or Character. That he Lost his
Integrity trying to go along with things that will eventually hurt them and their Friends.  And that is what Sen. Flake was talking about. How can You All Face Your Children, Grandchildren, God and
Yourself?!  You are Wrong!  You are trying to Gain The World, (Your Sit) and Lose Your Own Soul.
Because at the end of the day, when you do not stand up and do right, you may end up Losing that
seat anyway. God is Tired of This Mess.(Hurting Folks, Babies and The Like) Just to get along.
You see, God is using, McCain, Corker, Flake and a few others. You see, he is giving you a way to Escape And he is saying that Now is The Time to Do The Right Thing, or Pay...Pay The Price! And
 Again, All of You Work for Us. **(And Democrats..Get Your Mind off of 2020 and On 2018..Now!)
Now Sen.  McConnell, You look So Sorry and Pitiful trying to get along with a Man
that you know that You Do Not Respect.  And We Can see it,  This Cannot Be Healthy. So, Both You and Your Wife Need to Quickly Pray, and Run...Run The Other way as Far as You Can!!Just  Who are You Afraid of?...#45?, Steve Bannon? They are Not God and They  Have No Heaven or Hell to Give You.  As a Matter of Fact, They Too are going to have to Face God for Themselves...Real Soon!
So, Get Your Houses in Order...Now!!!!!!  And Once again, Those Who have Turned from Their Wicked Ways and who Really Love God and ALL....of His People, Please, Please Continue to Pray, Stand Up and......Fight!!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"ARE YOU...SERIOUS?!..( The Mouth of Donald Trump....More Mental Issues Manifested)

Good Morning,
It is Wednesday, October 18th, 2017. And Yet again, #45 has proven that the men in the White
Coats need to come and get him.  ( I will try to be Brief)

First of All, I want to honor The Following Soldiers Who it has seemed had been forgotten:
1. U. S. Army-Staff Sgt's-Bryan C. Black, 2-Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, 3.Sgt. Dustin M. Wright,
 And 4.Sgt. La David T. Johnson. May God Bless Your Sacrifice and Your Work. May You Never Be
Forgotten.  And May God Hold The Parents and Spouses who Really Needs Our Love and
Respect.  May God Hold You and Love You, Like No One Else Can.
These Men were Stationed in Niger in West Africa.  This was not suppose to be a High Danger
Zone. They say that they were ambushed by Islamic Extremist.  But I want Everyone to
Call on an Investigation Now.  What Really Happened? Too Many times we hear later after one
of these deaths that it was actually Friendly Fire.  Which Really turns out Not to Be So Friendly.
No, We Want this Thoroughly Investigated. And I am asking each Congressional Representatives
from each Respective State to Ask for this Investigation. It Took Two Weeks for #45 to say anything about these Young Men.  In The Meantime, he golfed, and continued to try to run The NFL, telling them to Fire All of The SOB's Who takes a Knee. I Guess that Niger, wasn't important Enough to This White house. **Please Note:  We have Men and Women All Over The World, and They All
Need to be Recognized!
Now, No one knows but God and these Families just how painful something like this is.
So how dare #45 supposedly tell Sgt. La David's Wife.."That He should of Known What he was
Getting into.. But it Still hurts" This man has No Empathy, It's All abut Him. He  Probably Can't Give
any Empathy because he Was Never given any Empathy as a Child.Yes, that Statement came from a Man, Who used his Money to get out of any Military Service. And Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Continue to Stand Your Ground.  Thanks for Standing with Mrs. Johnson and The Family.

And #45, How Dare You! How Dare You!  You talk about Football Players
and The Like, Disrespecting The Flag and The Veterans, When in Fact, You are
the one who is and has been Disrespecting them.  And Between You Threatening a Terminally Ill Veteran Senator by The Name of Sen. John McCain. And Between Your Continue Lies,
 this time  Against President Obama and Pres. Bush, saying that they did not call Gold Star Families. And Between Not Knowing which Donald Trump will show up  at The Mic from Day to Day,
it is more evident that what we have known is True.  And that is the fact that You,  Donald Trump
 are Seriously Mentally Unstable!  And Congress, You Better Do Your Job and Get Pres. Trump
 Out of The White House..... Now!
  And Listen...Pence has got to go as Well.  Don't be fooled by his Quiet Demeanor.  Just like
My kids say...Pence is just like Trump if  not Worst, the difference is, He Is Medicated.
And he has Strange Ideologies, that is Worst than Sarah Palin and Former Congresswoman
Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota.
And Let's Not Forget the Illegal things that he has done in Indiana.  And This Preacher/ Blogger and
Friends Still thinks that he lied on Flynn when he said that Flynn didn't tell him about his
Relationship with Russia.  We Believe that Flynn did tell him.  Pence Just Lied.  No, We Do Not
Want Pence Either!

Finally: I Want to give Kudos and a Shout Out to NBC  Correspondent Peter Alexander, Who Fact
Check Mr. Trump on The Spot when he lied on President Obama and Bush.  Good Job! The Rest of You Need to Wise Up and Get Some Backbone and do The Same Thing!  This is Serious.
So, Remember What I Said, Do Not Be Distracted. Democrats get Your Own Agenda Together Now!  You See, Your Agenda Must be more than How Awful Donald Trump is....You Won't Win in 2018 on that!  Do Your Job....Or Lose Yours!
 And To The Rest of Us, Let's Continue to Pray, Stand Up, and.......Fight!!!!

Monday, October 9, 2017


It is Monday, October 9th, 2017, The Day After Sunday Afternoon Football. And Once again, Some
Players Took a Knee.  I'll get back to them.

1. MEDIA-Let Me Start with You.  Now I understand that your job can be hard If You Really Care
about The People who look to you for information and truth. But, there has been too many holes in Your Work. ( Especially from The White House Correspondents).  Since #45 has been in office,
  Most of you have let him get away with too much. Yes, Lies, Propaganda and More Lies. Do Your Job!
Okay,  Let me narrow this down.  Trump and Now Pence and Their Racist gang, have been using this NFL/One Baseball Player taking a Knee Just for Propaganda.
And You and I Both know, that this has Nothing to do with Disrespecting The Flag. This is about All of us Having Enough...Having Enough of
 Black and Brown Colored Men and Women being Abused and Killed by The Police,
 Basically Just Because They are Black and Brown.   And I am not a Police Hater, I am a Police Chaplain here in Michigan
and I know what they go through...But Still... Let's Be Real. One killing after another just made
things worst and when a White Women got killed by White Supremacist just trying to fight for
The Rights of the people of  Color. Well,  That was it!  And What Really Stings in All of these Cases, is Now we have a President who has let it be known, that people of Color means nothing to him.  That Regardless of the Facts that he will always take the side of The Police and The Racist....Yeah, #45, we know all about your Wink and a Nod!
And to make things worst,  No Matter how much  evidence was against these officers, Every Court,
Over and Over again, Always found The Shooter in Blue, Not Guilty.. So Yes! That's Why They Take a Knee, Not To Disrespect The Flag, but to Bring Public Awareness that The Country of which The
Flag  is suppose to stand for, Has Been Dis Respecting, Brown Folks and Women. So to The Media, The Next Time #45, Makes those statements about the players disrespecting the flag and veterans....Get Some Back bone, and ask him, Don't you think that you have disrespected The
 Veterans and The Flag when you Disrespected The Gold Star Family?
And what about making fun of a Very Ill, War Hero and Veteran  like Senator John McCain?
He did his Service...( Something that he and his Children have Never Done......Nothing Militarily.) Anyway, ask him that? Ask him if he knows All of the words of The
national anthem, Especially The Third Verse.....Hey Media! Do You know what it saids?..Take a Look! And ask him, isn't anyone wearing or Waving a Confederate Flag at a Game being Disrespectful.  Ask him.  Or do You have The Courage to do it?!
2. NFL PLAYERS-Have you been Saving and investing your Money?  If you have..Then, It's time to
Act.  Dallas Cowboys, Your Owner Jerry Jones Threatened You and said if Any one of you take a
knee, You will be Benched.. You see, he got a Call and a Tweet from Daddy Trump, so now he has
to show you guys the truth,The Truth  that he was Never With You!  So, Now,  Listen, The Detroit
Lions, Listen, The 49'ers and More Listen....DO NOT TAKE THIS!  let #45 and Company Know....That You are Not Working on a Cotton Field Anymore! Show Your Children, and Show Yourself that You have Respect for this Country, But You Also, Demand RESPECT!!!
 So on your next game, All of You in One Accord....Please, Take a Knee. Let him Bench The Whole team.....Yes, .Let Jerry Jones and his Racist Slave Master Friends, Take The Field on Sunday instead.
 ***And Now as I Write this I see that No Backbone, ESPN has Suspended Sports Caster
Jemele Hill for asking for a Boycott of The Dallas Cowboy's Advertisers, ESPN will be Sorry for
That!   Now, We will Boycott You!  So Players...Get Some Backbone, Don't Leave People who support you like Jemele Hill Out there by themselves, do Something Now!  Just Like Lebron James,
He is  Putting his  Money, Caring and Fight for Civil Rights Where his Mouth and Basketball
Skills is.....What About You?
I have Already Warned you, Do Not Be Distracted!  Do Not Let Mr. Trump Play these Mind
and Distractive Games! You Start Speaking Up. Don't Forget that You Work for Us.  **( By The Way...You Both Better Get Up Now, and Make The President Finish The Job and
Help Puerto Rico and The U.S. Virgin Islands...Do it Now!!!!!).. And Democrats, Yes You
Chuck and Nancy, Stand Up, Pray and Be Bold for Us! And Republicans Maybe You Need to
take a Page out of Sen. Corker's Book, and Get Some Backbone!  Wake Up.  Why are You So Scared of #45?  If You Do Not get it together, You Will Be Sorry.  Because God is Watching You. And at The End of The Day, after All of The Kissing up and Cowardliness ...You Will Still be Out of a Job!
So why Don't you ask God to Cover You and Do The Right Thing?...I Mean You can talk to God
Can't You?  I Mean Most of You Claim to be So Religious....Yeah The "Religious Right"... Okay,
Prove it....***(Well, News Flash: There is a Difference between  Having a "Relationship with God and being "Religious")  And you know that #45 have Serious Mental Issues, So,What are You
Waiting for, a Third World War?, The Total Humiliation of The United States?  Because Let me
tell you, if Someone in this Country because of Trump's Mental  Illness and You Doing
Nothing  about it  gets hurt....All of You are Going to Be Guilty...Do You Hear Me?...All of You!! So to All of You, Let's Get Busy, Put Your Backbone Where Your Mouth is! For if You Won't, We The People of God of All Colors  and of All Cultures,Will.  For We Will Continue  with The Power of God, and with The Power of The Ballot and with The Power of a Economic Boycott, We Will Continue to Pray, Stand Up and....Fight!!!