Monday, January 15, 2018


"Happy/Blessed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!.  It is January 15th, 2018. God has Brought us Through So Much and Through Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Others God has Given Us Some Victory's.
But We Still have a Ways to Go. So Just Like Rev. Al Sharpton saids, Don't use this Holiday
 just to have a day off.  But Get Up, and Do Something. Love Your Neighbor, Help Someone Whether they are Your Friends or Not. Sow a Seed into Someone's Life.  And
March and Call up Your Congressperson and Put them on Notice. For They Need to Put Up
or Shut Up, or Put Up or Get Out!
And People, Do Not Be Distracted. For While The Distractions Come Like The Crazy Tweets and Lies of #45, that Comes Early in The Morning. Or #45 Calling Haiti and Brown Countries....
 "S....Holes", The Threat  to Kill Daca,  or  that False Alarm or Not a False Alarm of a Missile heading Towards Hawaii and More.  Yeah,Watch Out for Stuff like That..., For While those Things are in Your Face, Out "Front"...Mr. Trump and Friends are Working on Plans to Hurt You in The "Back" Door. So Keep Your Eyes Open and Seek God's Face for Wisdom.

So, March On...Baby. For We Got Work To Do.  Don't Depend on Anybody, The Democrats or
Anybody to do it for You.  Get Up and Do it Yourself!  So from The Babies to The Blessed Senior
Citizen, Get Yourself Together.  For Racism and Jim Crow has Cousins, Nieces and Nephews So Wake Up Your Cousins, Nieces, Nephews, Sons and Daughters and Get to Work.
For it's like the Songs Say: "Ain't No Stopping Us Now'...And  "We've Come Too Far..To Turn
Back Now!"  So on This Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Pray, Stand Up....and Fight!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!??????( The Racist POTUS....Must Go!!!)

Good Evening,
I am Really too Angry to Say Much Right Now.  Yes, I am The One Who has Warned People
to Be Careful of Distractions and that Mr.Trump would do things to cause us to be Distracted from
Some Major things coming out about this Russia Investigation.  Yes, I Said that. So The Fact that
#45 has Called African Countries, El Salvador, Muslim Countries and Haiti A S...Hole!
And that he rather that more Immigrants were coming from somewhere like Norway...Other Words
Europe......Basically White Folks...( By The Way, You have a Lot of Nerve..With Your Germany Hateful Self...Maybe We Need to See Your Birth Certificate)........Anyway, Yes All of these Facts
Could be One of Those Distractions. .
 But The Truth is... This is how Mr. Trump Really Feels.
 He is a Racist, a Bigot, and Has Serious Spiritual and Mental Issues.(Listen,  I Do Not Want to Say that he is Mentally Challenged, Because a Lot of Mentally Challenged People
are Not Mean and Hateful Like he is.. I Don't Want to Give them a Bad Name).Boy I Miss President Obama!!! Listen, Trump has No Place in The White House. Okay, I am going to Close Now.
But Let Me Say this. On This, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Weekend, Let's have Our  Celebration events like we will be doing this Sunday in an Interfaith Service for The 10th Year in Dearborn, Michigan.  But After We have Sung,Kumbaya and We Shall Overcome...We Better Get
Ourselves Together and Hit The Streets. And We Better Speak Up, March  And Speak Up Loudly! And While We are Speaking Up, You Better Speak to Your Congress Person, Republican and
Democrat and Warn them that They Better Do Something to Get This President and his Side Kick
 Pence Out of The White house or Get Out Yourself!! Because We Are Not Playing With You!
.You Got to Go. If You Cannot Speak Up for The People that You are Suppose to be Working for,
 If You are Not Angry Enough to Do Something Now....Then You Need To Step Down
And Go To The Altar!!! 

  Well, I am Done for Tonight.  Oh One More Thing....One Day...Very, Very Soon. The Stock Market
Will Drop. It is Going to Drop Badly.  And it will began from A Fall in Several Foreign Countries.
So, When This Happens..When This Shake Up that will Cause and Scare The Cowardly Republicans and Some Democrats to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone and Do The Right thing, Give Me a Holler
at So, I can Say that I Told You So. Because it is Going to Happen.
For God has Had Enough, and Apparently He Knows that You Won't Give a Care about Nothing
 Until it Hits You in..."Your Own Pockets"
And Democrats, Get Your Agenda Together. Do it Now....We cannot Win in 2018 just based
on being Anti-Trump! You Should of Had that Together by Now.  So, People Are You Angry?
Are You Angry about What #45 Just Said...And Keeps on Saying?  Then,  We Need to Continue to
Keep Our War Clothes On, Get another Layer of Armour of The Holy Ghost Upon Us, and Pray, Stand Up And.......FIGHT!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"IT'S A NEW DAY...WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!...( Happy/Blessed New Years..Get To Work!

Well, Praise God! Here We are in 2018. God has Given us another Chance to get it Right.
And as Thankful as most of us was about Thanksgiving and The Christmas Season, Unfortunately,
Many of us was Having Flashbacks of November, 2016. Especially Flashbacks of how Awful we
felt on November 9th, 2016.  The Day we were Still in A Deep Hurt and Unbelief that Donald Trump, Somehow Won to be The President of The United States.  But moving Forward, Here
We are in January 2018.  Well on this day, January 10th, 2018.,What are We going to do?
Well, Let Me Sum Up What is going on:   1. The Congress and Senate have a Majority full of Accessories to a Crime.
 Congratulations to Sen. Diane Feinstein who saids That She Will Not Be One of those accessories,
and Who  Released The Dossier that Grassley and Gain Refused to Release.
 2. #44, is Trying to Prove that he is Smart, All While he has Proven that he Knows Nothing!
3.The Republicans Continue to Play around With DACCA......Dreamers, Get Them. Do Not Let
 Them Get Away with their Political Games!
4. We Continue Following The Money and Money Laundering...Yes, The Trail Just keeps leading
Closer to Trump ad his Finances.  And by the way, You Republicans who are trying to
give Mueller a Bad Name, You either are A Coward with No Back Bone, and got your Nose up
in The President, Or when We Finish Connecting The Dots between Money Laundering and
Deutsche Bank, We are Going to Find out that You have been Washing Some of Your Own
Money With Your Clothes Too.  5. Steve Bannon had to Come to The Realization that
he is Not God. Yes, Ten Days in, and it is a Mess! 6.  And Congratulations to Michael Wolff on
Your Book "Fire and Fury".  If All of Your Facts Add Up...Don't You Dare Back Down!

   But Let's Praise God for Second Chances. Everyone who Believes in The Power of Prayer,
continue to Prepare Yourself for War.  Hit The Streets and make sure that Your Vote Counts.
Plead The Blood of Jesus Against Russia and anybody Else who may try to mess with Your
Vote and Fight To Make Sure that Your Vote Counts!  And To You Republicans who are
Accessories to Russia and Donald Trumps Crimes....Pack Your Bags..For It's All Over Baby!!
And Kudos to Billionaire Tom Steyer, who has used his own money to get the word out about
The Truth and giving People the opportunity to Sign a Petition to Impeach Trump.  And Keep on
Fighting Maxine Waters, Al Green and Others, Who Refuse to Be Accessories of a Crime,
And Who Refuses to have The Blood of God's People on Your Hands.  So It's a New Day,
So What are You going to do about it?.. You are going to keep Your War Clothes on And
Pray, Stand Up........And Fight, Fight, Fight!!!!!

Monday, December 25, 2017


Merry/Blessed "Christ"mas"!
This is December 25th, 2017. And this is the day that I and My Family Celebrate Jesus
coming into this Earth for All of Us. So, I Will Not Waste My Time Talking about #45
Celebrating being Rich at Mar-A- Lago, Or The Republicans who did Vote on The Tax bill
Hurting their Families at Home who Cannot Enjoy This Christmas Like they Want, Because
they are in Fear of Losing Their Health Insurance, Social Security and Other Benefits..
 Nor will I Waste My time repeating how it is a Disgrace that The People in Puerto Rico
 and even The Virgin Islands Cannot have a Decent Christmas, because Most of them
 are still in the dark. And Many have died and Babies are Suffering, Yes, Suffering
All The While, #45 and You Low Down Republicans are Carving Your Turkey and Filling
Your Belly's  Up With Greed.  No, I Won't Do That.

  But I Pray Jesus and His Blood Over All of You.  I Pray that Those Who are in Need and Who
Sincerely Trust in God, Shall Have Their Needs Met and Be Empowered in Jesus. But to The
Rest of You, who Refuse to Love and Refuse to Serve God, You Better get Some Where  and
Repent Real.....Quick! Because Pay Day is Coming!

The Book of Acts show God's Servants being Reminded that Jesus said that "It is More Blessed
to Give than to Receive" This Whitehouse and Congress have Been Takers, Not Givers,
But God is Speaking.  He has had Enough of His Children Being, Abused, Hated and Disrespected
because of their Color or their Gender.  Learn The Lesson of Giving to The Poor and to The Widow.
These are Not Handouts.No, This is a Demand From God. See, They Don't Want a Hand Out, That's what the Congress and Rich are Receiving. No, The Middle Class, The Poor, The People on Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and Who are Receiving Social Funding, Just Want Some Respect
and a Hand Up!

So, on This Christmas Day, People Don't Be Scared of Goliath, Just Like David, God
has Given You Authority Over him.  And Goliath and Friends Have No Heaven or Hell to
Give You. So as You do Your Best to Spend time  with Family, Worship God and Have
a Decent Meal On This Christmas Day of 2017, Remember Whose You are, and Who
You Belong to. And Pray, Stand Up......And Fight!!!!!!
Have a Blessed Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Well, They Did it! The U.S. House and Senate has Passed that Low Down, Devastating
Tax Care Bill. So Once again, They Have Said to All of The Low Income, Middle Class
Families, The Disabled and More......"SCREW YOU!!!!!    People, Keep  on Fighting.  
Pray and Fight, More than Ever Before. Democrats Get Your Backbone Together or Get Out.
And I am going to Remind you again, Stop taking the Black and Brown People for Granted. 
You See, All of these last elections that was won by the Democrats was won,  because The
People, Not You, Got Out and Worked for Themselves. So, Wake Up!!
I will also like to Congratulate The 12 Republicans in The House that in the first and second 
Vote Refused to Vote for this Bill. Especially Congressman Lee Zeldin from New York.
He Refused to let Paul Ryan intimidate him, and was determined to fight for the People 
of New York who put him there....Kudos to You. 

  But to those who Voted for it, Especially ( "I Didn't Know that was in there")..Corker, and 
("Let's Make a Deal") Collins..You and Your Colleagues are going to Pay Dearly.  And I am Not 
just talking about  Politically.  You See, Collins and Crew, You are like a Woman, who Finally
gave into her bosses Sexual advances and went to bed with him, even though you are married,
but then when you woke up in the morning, You have a Guilt and Sickness in your Gut, asking 
Yourself.. "What Did I Do?"  You see, God gave You Chance After Chance, Warning After Warning
for You Not to Do this. People Have Begged and Cried Right in Your Face, The Disabled
have been taken to Jail along with Clergy,  But Because You and are Afraid of Your Donors, #45 and Not God, You went on and Voted on it Anyway.  And You Will Pay.

  So, How are you going to Enjoy this Christmas Season, with Your Family knowing that You have 
Destroyed this Christmas and Beyond for Millions?  How will you have Peace? You Sold Your 
People out for a Legislative Promised....And You Know that McConnell Lied.....Can You 
Spell..."Essau?!" Because You Sold Out! Congress, Pass Schip and Take Care of These Babies!
Do The Right Thing....Republicans!
So People, Don't You Dare Give Up, But Pray More Fervently. Because Baby, It is Not 
Over, It is Just Beginning! So On This Christmas Holiday, Everybody Pull Yourself Together 
and Pray, Stand Up.....And Fight!  Have a Blessed/Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 15, 2017

"SCREW... YOU!!!!"

First of All..Congratulations Doug Jones, and Go Ahead Alabama!...Please Continue to
Come Together as One and Fight!!
It is the Late Evening of Friday, December 15th, 2017. It's about 11:00pm. And The Deadline
for Registering for The Affordable Health Care will Expire in about 59 Minutes. Please Hurry up
and Sign up.  I Applaud All of you who like Myself, Worked Hard to get the Word Out.  If it
was up to Mr. Trump, No one would of Never knew when the Deadline was.
Now, About The Republicans and this Over One Thousand Page Tax Cut Bill. A Bill that You
have Never Read.  You are a Disgrace!!!! Did You Sign The Papers at The Closing of Your House
and Not Read None of Those  Many Pages? Did You Take Out a Life Insurance Policy or an
 Investment without Checking out All of The Facts?..Uh?! No?! Then Why would you Not Read a bill, that involves Millions of Americans who Count on You?...Uh!? And to those who Wimped Out and gave in and Changed Your Vote....Your Day is Coming.  You see, it wasn't because of Integrity or Moral Values that you changed Your Mind, it was to Satisfy Your Own Needs and Wants.
So to The Majority of Americans who are Against this bill, To The Thousands of People who put
their Life on the line by going to The Capitol to Protest, and to Protest in The Streets, To All of us Who Pay their Salaries and of Whom They are suppose to be Working for, Listen Up, Corker, Collins and The Rest of The Gang has Now Said to You Right in Your Face....."Screw You"!  They Care Less about Your Cries, For They have Proven Once again,that it's All about them Holding
on to their Walking Around Money....Blood Money that they get from their Donors. And if this bill
 do Pass, When they get home to Their District, (In Peace and Divine Order).. Do Not  give them a
 Moments Peace. Fight and  Do Not Give Up!  And  My Heart and The Heart of Millions of
others is Heavy, Heavy  more so due to The Dismantling of The Insurance Mandate. Because We
Know that it  will Cause, Millions to Lose Insurance, Millions!!! And that is going to be The
Medical Blood that will be on your Hands.  First of All the ACA, Should have Never been in this
bill and You Know it.  When You go home at Night and Look at Yourself in the Mirror, What Lie
Will you tell yourself to Justify The Rotten Low Down Thing that You have Done.  Again,
Your Day is Coming.  You Turned Your Ears Against the Cry of The Poor, and Now You are
About to Cry...And No One, including God Will Hear Your Cry...God Will Not Be Mocked!
Just Like The Democrats Asking Al Franken to Resign, ( Which A Lot of Us Was Against),
You did not call for his Resignation for Moral Reasons, No, it was only to save Your Political Behind
just in case that Racist, Pedophile Roy Moore Won in Alabama. Al Franken You should of stayed
and Made them put you through Due Process as You Requested, and then  Repent to God for Yourself.

    Finally: All of a Sudden More Republicans are coming out to attack Bob Mueller, and are
asking for his Resignation.....What's Up with That?!!!!!  I''m Sorry, it Looks like You are
either Scared of Donald Trump because just Maybe he is Forcing you to do this, or at The
End of  The Day, You are Scared of What Bob Mueller is going to find out about You!. Because
We All Know that there is No Grounds for you to ask Mueller to Step Aside. And Now,
Donald Trump#1 is going After The F.B.I. Even after Donald Trump #2 Said that they
Were Great Men... We Just Never Know which Donald Trump that we will get each Day...
And This is Dangerous!!!! Wake Up Folks, This Man has Got to Go.  Not Mueller, But, #45
Has Got To Go!! And he should Take Pence and  his Lying Self With Him!!!! And to This Congress,
Especially You Greedy, Hateful Selfish Republicans, Pack Your Bags, Because from This Day
to 2018 and Beyond, You are Out. No Need to try to Sell Your Soul to Appease
Your Donors. Because You are  Going to Be Put Out, See,There will Be No Need
for Your Donors to Give You No Money, because You Won't have a Job. That's Right..
You are ....Out, Out, Out!!!!!
So, I End with this, Continue to Fight. God is in Control.  No Matter what Sell Out
Agreement the Congress has Come up With, God has His Own Plans....So Pray, Pray and
Stay in God's Face. No One Should Not Lose their Insurance. Just like We Should Not
have To Fight for Schip, Every Other Year( I have Personally Fought Constantly for This)..  These are Our Children.....Their Insurance should Be Permanent! Don't Let Them.."Screw You"!,
 But,  Keep Calling Your Congress Persons and  Keep Marching. So Together
As One, Let's Pray, Stand Up....And Fight!!!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

"EXCUSE ME...DID YOU FORGET TO SAY..THANK YOU?!" ( Happy/Blessed Thanksgiving!)

In The Story of The Ten Lepers who were healed by Jesus, Only One had The Gratitude
to come back and Give Jesus Praise for his Healing. You know, I can Only Imagine Jesus
saying to the other Nine...."Excuse Me....Did You Forget to Say..Thank You?!"
Well, The Other Nine probably went away and Partied After they went and showed themselves
to The Priest to have their Cleansing Confirmed. But to The One who did Return to give Jesus
Thanks.. he was not just Healed but he was made Whole....******Okay, Let's Put a Pen
in this for a minute.  Now, Look at The Contrast between Jesus ( God in The Flesh, Ruler Over All of Us)...And #45 Donald Trump, The Make Shift President of The United States. Those Nine Lepers
may not of showed Jesus enough Appreciation, But Jesus did not Go and
get his Twitter Account, and call
them and their Father's  Out by calling them a Fool.  Jesus did not say...Well, Look at those Ungrateful Negroes.. I Should of Let them be Stuck with Leprosy.
 No, he just let them go about their way, and maybe realize that they missed out on being Whole and Not Just Healed.  You see, Jesus Loves, He had The Love of God in Him.
 You see, There was No Ego and there was No Racism. Jesus was Not
So Insecure that He had to Put Folk Down just to Be Lifted Up.  Now if God in the Flesh
could do that, Who in the heck is Mr. Donald Trump?!  And by the way, Those Three Young
Athletes, Did say that they were sorry and they did say..Thank You****.
So, let me leave this word with you. With All that We are going through right now, Racism in
The White house and The Court House, Sexual Misconduct in Washington DC, Our House and
in The Church House,...( Which Must Stop Now!)..Health and Financial Problems and our Own
Personal Situations, with All of this that is going on, Let's make sure that Jesus Never has to say
to Us...."Excuse Me...Did You Forget to say....Thank You?!" You See, We have Work to do
and We All  Must Praise God Every Chance that we can in These Last Days. So, Please Have
a Blessed, Safe, God Praising Enjoyable Thanksgiving!  Continue to Be Aware of The Distractions.  And Never Stop Praying, Standing Up. And Never Stop Fighting!
From-New St. John A.M..E. Church-Dearborn.
 And Blessings  From