Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"ARE YOU...SERIOUS?!..( The Mouth of Donald Trump....More Mental Issues Manifested)

Good Morning,
It is Wednesday, October 18th, 2017. And Yet again, #45 has proven that the men in the White
Coats need to come and get him.  ( I will try to be Brief)

First of All, I want to honor The Following Soldiers Who it has seemed had been forgotten:
1. U. S. Army-Staff Sgt's-Bryan C. Black, 2-Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, 3.Sgt. Dustin M. Wright,
 And 4.Sgt. La David T. Johnson. May God Bless Your Sacrifice and Your Work. May You Never Be
Forgotten.  And May God Hold The Parents and Spouses who Really Needs Our Love and
Respect.  May God Hold You and Love You, Like No One Else Can.
These Men were Stationed in Niger in West Africa.  This was not suppose to be a High Danger
Zone. They say that they were ambushed by Islamic Extremist.  But I want Everyone to
Call on an Investigation Now.  What Really Happened? Too Many times we hear later after one
of these deaths that it was actually Friendly Fire.  Which Really turns out Not to Be So Friendly.
No, We Want this Thoroughly Investigated. And I am asking each Congressional Representatives
from each Respective State to Ask for this Investigation. It Took Two Weeks for #45 to say anything about these Young Men.  In The Meantime, he golfed, and continued to try to run The NFL, telling them to Fire All of The SOB's Who takes a Knee. I Guess that Niger, wasn't important Enough to This White house. **Please Note:  We have Men and Women All Over The World, and They All
Need to be Recognized!
Now, No one knows but God and these Families just how painful something like this is.
So how dare #45 supposedly tell Sgt. La David's Wife.."That He should of Known What he was
Getting into.. But it Still hurts" This man has No Empathy, It's All abut Him. He  Probably Can't Give
any Empathy because he Was Never given any Empathy as a Child.Yes, that Statement came from a Man, Who used his Money to get out of any Military Service. And Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Continue to Stand Your Ground.  Thanks for Standing with Mrs. Johnson and The Family.

And #45, How Dare You! How Dare You!  You talk about Football Players
and The Like, Disrespecting The Flag and The Veterans, When in Fact, You are
the one who is and has been Disrespecting them.  And Between You Threatening a Terminally Ill Veteran Senator by The Name of Sen. John McCain. And Between Your Continue Lies,
 this time  Against President Obama and Pres. Bush, saying that they did not call Gold Star Families. And Between Not Knowing which Donald Trump will show up  at The Mic from Day to Day,
it is more evident that what we have known is True.  And that is the fact that You,  Donald Trump
 are Seriously Mentally Unstable!  And Congress, You Better Do Your Job and Get Pres. Trump
 Out of The White House..... Now!
  And Listen...Pence has got to go as Well.  Don't be fooled by his Quiet Demeanor.  Just like
My kids say...Pence is just like Trump if  not Worst, the difference is, He Is Medicated.
And he has Strange Ideologies, that is Worst than Sarah Palin and Former Congresswoman
Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota.
And Let's Not Forget the Illegal things that he has done in Indiana.  And This Preacher/ Blogger and
Friends Still thinks that he lied on Flynn when he said that Flynn didn't tell him about his
Relationship with Russia.  We Believe that Flynn did tell him.  Pence Just Lied.  No, We Do Not
Want Pence Either!

Finally: I Want to give Kudos and a Shout Out to NBC  Correspondent Peter Alexander, Who Fact
Check Mr. Trump on The Spot when he lied on President Obama and Bush.  Good Job! The Rest of You Need to Wise Up and Get Some Backbone and do The Same Thing!  This is Serious.
So, Remember What I Said, Do Not Be Distracted. Democrats get Your Own Agenda Together Now!  You See, Your Agenda Must be more than How Awful Donald Trump is....You Won't Win in 2018 on that!  Do Your Job....Or Lose Yours!
 And To The Rest of Us, Let's Continue to Pray, Stand Up, and.......Fight!!!!

Monday, October 9, 2017


It is Monday, October 9th, 2017, The Day After Sunday Afternoon Football. And Once again, Some
Players Took a Knee.  I'll get back to them.

1. MEDIA-Let Me Start with You.  Now I understand that your job can be hard If You Really Care
about The People who look to you for information and truth. But, there has been too many holes in Your Work. ( Especially from The White House Correspondents).  Since #45 has been in office,
  Most of you have let him get away with too much. Yes, Lies, Propaganda and More Lies. Do Your Job!
Okay,  Let me narrow this down.  Trump and Now Pence and Their Racist gang, have been using this NFL/One Baseball Player taking a Knee Just for Propaganda.
And You and I Both know, that this has Nothing to do with Disrespecting The Flag. This is about All of us Having Enough...Having Enough of
 Black and Brown Colored Men and Women being Abused and Killed by The Police,
 Basically Just Because They are Black and Brown.   And I am not a Police Hater, I am a Police Chaplain here in Michigan
and I know what they go through...But Still... Let's Be Real. One killing after another just made
things worst and when a White Women got killed by White Supremacist just trying to fight for
The Rights of the people of  Color. Well,  That was it!  And What Really Stings in All of these Cases, is Now we have a President who has let it be known, that people of Color means nothing to him.  That Regardless of the Facts that he will always take the side of The Police and The Racist....Yeah, #45, we know all about your Wink and a Nod!
And to make things worst,  No Matter how much  evidence was against these officers, Every Court,
Over and Over again, Always found The Shooter in Blue, Not Guilty.. So Yes! That's Why They Take a Knee, Not To Disrespect The Flag, but to Bring Public Awareness that The Country of which The
Flag  is suppose to stand for, Has Been Dis Respecting, Brown Folks and Women. So to The Media, The Next Time #45, Makes those statements about the players disrespecting the flag and veterans....Get Some Back bone, and ask him, Don't you think that you have disrespected The
 Veterans and The Flag when you Disrespected The Gold Star Family?
And what about making fun of a Very Ill, War Hero and Veteran  like Senator John McCain?
He did his Service...( Something that he and his Children have Never Done......Nothing Militarily.) Anyway, ask him that? Ask him if he knows All of the words of The
national anthem, Especially The Third Verse.....Hey Media! Do You know what it saids?..Take a Look! And ask him, isn't anyone wearing or Waving a Confederate Flag at a Game being Disrespectful.  Ask him.  Or do You have The Courage to do it?!
2. NFL PLAYERS-Have you been Saving and investing your Money?  If you have..Then, It's time to
Act.  Dallas Cowboys, Your Owner Jerry Jones Threatened You and said if Any one of you take a
knee, You will be Benched.. You see, he got a Call and a Tweet from Daddy Trump, so now he has
to show you guys the truth,The Truth  that he was Never With You!  So, Now,  Listen, The Detroit
Lions, Listen, The 49'ers and More Listen....DO NOT TAKE THIS!  let #45 and Company Know....That You are Not Working on a Cotton Field Anymore! Show Your Children, and Show Yourself that You have Respect for this Country, But You Also, Demand RESPECT!!!
 So on your next game, All of You in One Accord....Please, Take a Knee. Let him Bench The Whole team.....Yes, .Let Jerry Jones and his Racist Slave Master Friends, Take The Field on Sunday instead.
 ***And Now as I Write this I see that No Backbone, ESPN has Suspended Sports Caster
Jemele Hill for asking for a Boycott of The Dallas Cowboy's Advertisers, ESPN will be Sorry for
That!   Now, We will Boycott You!  So Players...Get Some Backbone, Don't Leave People who support you like Jemele Hill Out there by themselves, do Something Now!  Just Like Lebron James,
He is  Putting his  Money, Caring and Fight for Civil Rights Where his Mouth and Basketball
Skills is.....What About You?
I have Already Warned you, Do Not Be Distracted!  Do Not Let Mr. Trump Play these Mind
and Distractive Games! You Start Speaking Up. Don't Forget that You Work for Us.  **( By The Way...You Both Better Get Up Now, and Make The President Finish The Job and
Help Puerto Rico and The U.S. Virgin Islands...Do it Now!!!!!).. And Democrats, Yes You
Chuck and Nancy, Stand Up, Pray and Be Bold for Us! And Republicans Maybe You Need to
take a Page out of Sen. Corker's Book, and Get Some Backbone!  Wake Up.  Why are You So Scared of #45?  If You Do Not get it together, You Will Be Sorry.  Because God is Watching You. And at The End of The Day, after All of The Kissing up and Cowardliness ...You Will Still be Out of a Job!
So why Don't you ask God to Cover You and Do The Right Thing?...I Mean You can talk to God
Can't You?  I Mean Most of You Claim to be So Religious....Yeah The "Religious Right"... Okay,
Prove it....***(Well, News Flash: There is a Difference between  Having a "Relationship with God and being "Religious")  And you know that #45 have Serious Mental Issues, So,What are You
Waiting for, a Third World War?, The Total Humiliation of The United States?  Because Let me
tell you, if Someone in this Country because of Trump's Mental  Illness and You Doing
Nothing  about it  gets hurt....All of You are Going to Be Guilty...Do You Hear Me?...All of You!! So to All of You, Let's Get Busy, Put Your Backbone Where Your Mouth is! For if You Won't, We The People of God of All Colors  and of All Cultures,Will.  For We Will Continue  with The Power of God, and with The Power of The Ballot and with The Power of a Economic Boycott, We Will Continue to Pray, Stand Up and....Fight!!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Greetings Everyone,
So Much has happened since I was on last.  Oh My, The Shooting in LasVegas. So Much to Pray about! Asking God to be with The Victims.  Those who are Injured and family Members of those who lost their lives.  I am also Praying for the Family of The Gunman Stephen Paddock  and his girlfriend's 
family who have now been thrown into the midst of this Awful Tragedy.  So I am Sad, but I am Also 
Angry.  Angry that After 59 People are dead, and Over 500 People were Injured, that Republicans and those who Have NRA Money in their Pockets, Still have The Nerve to Pull out that Old Record that saids..."It is Too Early to Talk about Gun Control"  or " Guns Don't Kill People, People
Killed People"!   Stop it, Just Stop it! Stop coming up with an Excuse to Do Nothing! But You Know,
Why should I Be Surprised?  For Over 20 Kids got killed by a Young Man at Sandy Hook, And even 
Something So Horrible like that Did Not Move Your Sorry Behinds to Do Anything. So I guess Nothing Less than Jesus Christ Making You Pass a Gun Law Himself is going to Move You. God has Something for All of You. And He is The One that  You Should Fear, Not The NRA. For The NRA has No Heaven or Hell to give you.  But God Does....Wake Up!

And then There is Double Standards..... ( STAYED TUNE!!!)......Okay, I'm Back...
So..I hear that Secretary of State Tillerson Called #45 a "Moron". So, going over what
the word Moron means.....In My Flesh I said, And...So, What is The Problem?
But Spiritually I would have to say that saying that was a Disrespect to The Office of The So-Called
 President of The United States. But Hold On.....Wait a Minute!...What a Double Standard!
President Barack Obama was Called So Many Names. Awful Names. Names that will Turn Your Stomach. And #45...Mr. Donald Trump was One of The ones  who Called him Those Names.  He did
everything that he could do De-Legitimize President Obama by saying that he was not born in The United States( By The Way, Mr. Trump, Let's See Your Birth Certificate....Your Father and Family came from Germany, How do we know that You were Really Born in The United States?)
....Anyway, so it is Reported that Mr. Trump is Frustrated that Someone Called him a Name.....Please!
Grow Up.  You are Definitely Nothing but a Bully, Because Bullies can Dish Out a Good Game,
But they Can't Take One.( And You have Provened that Nationally and Internationally!)  When They Called President Obama Out of his name, and said Some Nasty, Racial Things about him and
Michelle...(Including Official Folk, Like Republicans who were being paid by us to Work, Not to
 Bad Mouth The President.)....Media, Where Were You? Where was a Whole Week of Coverage
about what Officials said about him?   Why weren't you out on the Streets asking The Common
 American how they felt  about the way that  They have been treating and saying Racial things about their President..( President Obama)..Uh? Why wasn't that Humiliation of The First Black President, Breaking News?!!!!
So, I am Tired of All of these Double Standards. I mean what's up anyway, ..Is "Double Standards
on Sale Somewhere?....Maybe I Need to Pick me up Some. Where can I buy it, for Me
And for  My Ministry?......On Second Thought...No, Thank You. For I am Better than That!
 #45 Grow Up...Put that Toy Down Called "Twitter" and Grow Up!  What you Really Need to be
Frustrated about,is That God, May Not have Anything Good to say about You.  Nothing Good
Like You are Welcomed to Come into My Kingdom of Heaven and to Spend Eternity with Me.  You Need to More Concerned about Jesus Saying...."See You Later.  You have Hurt So Many of My People, You Don't Serve Me, But You have Hurt The People who Do.
  And Not Once have you Regarded Me as God and Repented for All that You Have Done.
 So Goodbye....You will Spend Eternity in Hell with Satan himself"
And With All of the Stuff that is About to Come Out....You Should be
Worried about Your Soul.....Now!   
So, People, Wake Up.  Continue to Pray for All of The Hurricane and Earthquake Victims,
Especially those in Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands(USA)....They have Been Treated like
Second Class Citizens, and That Must Stop.  And Pray for The Families of The Victims and The
Victims themselves, who were Murdered and Injured by a Terrorist .....
.Yes, a Terrorist, A Terrorist  Named Stephen Paddock.
 Now, I Never Said Isis or Someone from The Islam State, but I Said
Terrorist.  Because This Man Caused..."Terror"!   Wake Up!.  And Please  Use The Power
of Prayer and The Blood of Jesus, to Take away, The Negative Authority, and
The Bank Rolling of The NRA.....God is going to Sit Them Down!  And with All that We are going
through as a Nation, Do Not Let No One get in Your Way of You Going Forward....Do You
Hear me Dreamers?!!! ....No One!!!  So Let's Come Together as One and Continue to Pray....Stand Up.....And Fight!!!!!

Friday, September 29, 2017


It is Friday September 29th, 2017.  And #45 and Team are trying to Play Catch up with The
Tragedy in Puerto Rico. Catch up, because The President was too busy tweeting about somebody's
Moma being a "B" and their Players Son's being Disrespectful, you know Important Stuff like that.
Stuff like, Not Honoring The Flag at a Sporting Event was #45's Top Priority-( And We All Know
that This is Not About The Flag or The Veterans who have Served)...Anyway, all
this was being done while The Americans in Puerto Rico were Suffering from, No Water, No Food,
Seniors getting sicker and Death and Destruction being All Around them.

So now Our Interim Homeland Security Secretary, Elaine Duke,  did a Press Conference to Try to Save Face. Saying that Everything was being taken care of. ( She Could of Kept That Lie).
#45 could of Waived The Jones Act so that trucks and supplies could get across the bridge,
A Long Time ago. But here it is 9 Days Later, and he Finally waived that act.  And It was done for others before.  Look at How many Days and Lives have been Wasted?!
So, What are you going to say to The Mayor of Puerto Rico ( Who is Very Passionate About Her People)...When you get there on Tuesday?  What are You going to say to The People who are in
such a Great Need? "I'm Sorry?" Oh Yeah, I Forgot, You Don't Apologize to Anybody. Because in
Your Mind, You Don't Do Anything Wrong. I have a Petition out now, Demanding that Pelosi and
The Gain, Demand a Public Apology from you for those SOB Comments.  You Know, That Statement which was So Disrespectful!
Yes, Disrespectful.....That's a Word that You Love to Spread around about Everyone Else.
We have Heard All of Your Excuses. Other Folks have made it out there.  Gov. Cuomo of New York and Others have showed More Concern then You, #45.
Mr. trump, when You get there, Don't Make Everything about You like You Always do. This is Not About You!!!  And by The Way, We know that This whole NFL Mess of Yours is All about You
 making it Good with Your Base, while using it as a Distraction about what a Disgrace Your
 Presidency is, and a Distraction away from You and Your Family heading to Jail....Who's Shouting Lock Her Up Now?!

So, Let's Pray, that there will be No More Deaths, and that  what is Too Little, from #45 Is Not
Too Late.  And How Dare You Bring up the Debt that Puerto Rico Owes while They Lay Dying. Let's Discussed Your Debt.  Let's Talk about Who You Owe, Maybe they will Start Denying
You Things...Like Life!   God is Watching, Stop Your Lies.....God is Watching!!! And #45, To You and All of those Who Do Not Care about Those of Color and Who Cannot
Help You...I Got a Word for You from Proverbs 21:13 "Those Who Stop Their Ears
To The Cry of The Poor..Will One Day Cry Themselves And Will Not Be Heard!..Wake Up, Haters.  Pay Day is Here! God Will Make You Pay.  And One Day, Real Soon,You Will Be in Need, and No One Will Be Able to Help You!  But to The Rest of You....Let's All Pray and Pull Together for Each Other.  And as I Close, Talking about Things being too Late: What is Too Little, Too Late is All of these Fake Speeches from #45 talking like he cares about Puerto Rico,  ( All While he Still can't Get The NFL Off of his Lips)..#45, I Hate to think what you would have done, if Puerto Rico was Not Part of The United States or The U.S. Virgin Islands. ( What's wrong...are they too Brown
for You? ).. No, You can fake off all that you want trying to act like you care.  You see,What Comes out of The Mouth is from The Heart.  And From The Central Park Five, Charlottesville to The SOB
Statements about The Mostly Black Players in The NFL, NBA and others, You have Proved that The First Thing that Comes out of Your Mouth, Is What is in Your Heart.  And that is Hatred, Racism,
And Selfishness. And in This Blogger/Preacher/Community Leader's Opinion, You.....#45 are a Disgrace, and Disrespectful!   You Know, Maybe "You" Should Take a Knee.
Yes, Bow Down and Take a  Knee Before a Righteous, All Powerful  God Who Loves Everybody....And Then  You Need to Repent. Repent  While You Still have The Time!

Monday, September 25, 2017


Greetings Everyone,
I know that it has been a while since you heard from me.  But it has been so Much going on,
that I had to Pray and Step back for a Minute. But  Now, it's September, 25th, 2017.
And It Is Time!    First of All:
We who are Called by The Name of Our Almighty Saviour  Jesus Christ, are Just as Much
Responsible for  #45 Being The President of The United States.  Maybe even more
than   Russia, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton's Mistakes and Those who sat their Behind
Down and did not Vote.  What did We do? We  did Not Seek God's Face.  We Stop Praying.
You see,  God had not heard from us in a Long time.  So, I Bet that.....
You got time  to talk to God Now Don't You!?   I have So Much  to say, So Now to Save time and
space I am just going to Outline Everything:
1. RUSSIA AND #45-Unless you have Some Serious Visual, Hearing and Mental Issues, it
should be very obvious what is going on. My 6 Year Old Granddaughter Candace could see from
 Day One, that #45 was in Hoots with Putin and Russia.  Putin has Something Big on him.  And if President Obama would have done a Centimeter of what Trump has Done, or Said, he would of been gone.  Michelle Obama could not have had her brother, or President Obama could not have had
his sister, No Where close to The Cabinet. And Steve..."God has got Something Waiting on You"...Bannon should  have Never been Any Where Near The Whitehouse.
Now, Kushner( #45"s Son'in Law) obviously have been using his Private email account to take
 care of Whitehouse Business. And they believe that his  Wife, Ivanka has done so as well.
Now, Put that with That Private Meeting with Russia Before the election and Other
things, and I am still Waiting for The Republicans to Yell that Famous Chant...."Lock Him Up!!"
2, DEMOCRATS, DON'T BE FOOLED..Trump is Not Your Friend, Chuck and Nancy.  Do Not
Let him Sneak in the back door and get Rid of Health Care for Millions of People.  I Keep Telling
You Guys....Don't Be Fooled By The Distractions. i.e. His Racist Bouts against Athletes using their
Platform to Fight Unjustice, Saying that he is getting rid of The Dreamers, or Acting Like a Ignorant
5 Year Old with North Korea, Putting Fear in Americas Heart. All so that We will Forget About How he is Guilty as Tomato Sauce for being in bed with Russia. And he wants us to be distracted from
finding  out that he is Not that Rich, and from a Whole Lot of other things.
Distractions, while Back Door Legislation against the poor gets passed and signed.  Distractions while Jeff Sessions tries to take Minorities Backward.. Yes, Many More Distractions.  But God has had Enough! So, Keep Praying Saints. Because just  like Dr. Jamal Bryant Recently Preached...
...."It's About to Go Down"!!!!  Do You Really think Republicans and Haters, that God is going to let you take away our Health Care?  Health Care from our Seniors and our babies?.....Uh?! Do You Really think that he is going to let you keep using his name to take away food from the poor? No...It's About to Go Down. And  I said it Before, Don't wait until The Jimmy Kimmel Syndrome Comes Down Your Street.  Because it Will if You Keep Hurting God's People!
FINALLY: YOU SO-CALLED RELIGIOUS RIGHT CHRISTIANS-I Have a Question for You...What God Do You Serve?!!!!  I  have heard You Religious Right Folk Tell Everybody that God has sent us a King in Donald Trump.  Yes, The Same man who is a Racist, Partners with White Supremacist, have a Long History of Housing Discrimination against Blacks and Minorities
 But Still he is God's Choice?...Really!?.  He Calls People Out of their name,
Make Fun of The Disabled, and Call Black Athletes Mother's SOB's But Still Somehow,
he is God's Chosen. But, You Called President Obama The Anti-Christ. And he couldn't even keep his own Pastor because he spoke the truth. So, How Dare You?
   And here You are, Twisting The Scriptures to Support that Lie.  The Word  of God, Backs Up, Global Warming and Climate Change in The Last Days, but You still want to Deny it, Because of who Saids that exist.  Yes,
You Pharisees  are part of what I call "The Noah Syndrome People".. They Laughed at Noah
when he Said that it was going to rain. They made fun of him, while he was building The Ark.  But
Oh My Goodness, when that Flood came,( When Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose and Especially Maria
Came.  When The Earthquakes hit Mexico and New Mexico Twice in One Month), When The Earth is Totally Destroyed, You will be the Main Ones, Banging on he Door of The Ark Screaming.....Let Me In! So, #45 and All of Your Haters, What Kind of Fool Do You Think that We Are?.  For those of Us, Who have Learned that We Must Seek God's Face, 24/7, For those of us who have Realized that we Must Love One Another, Just as God Loves Us. Because We Have Repented and have Lifted Up
The Name of Jesus with Praise!. We Now have Greater Power.  We are Now Even More Empowered.
Now, We Know that We have The Victory.   And No Man, No Woman, Nobody is Going to Get in Our Way! And We are putting this Mess Under The Blood of Jesus!
 And when it All does come Down, When God Lets The Whole Truth Out, You will Not
be able to blame Mueller, CNN, MSNBC, and The Like.  No, You just need to Look at The Man in The Mirror. Something that Obviously You have Not done All of Your Life.  So, We Must Come
 Together, From All Races, And We Must Stand Together as One.  For We are  Nobody's
Fool!  But,Now  More than Ever Before, We Will Continue to Pray, Stand Up and Fight!!!!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017


What in God's Name is Wrong with You
House Republicans? Is it Ignorance,
Hatred Against Pres. Obama,
Or Are You Just a No Good,
Money Hungry  Legislature
That Just Don't Give a Darn!
Millions of People will Lose
Health Care, including My
40 Year Old Son who has
Serious Health issues and who
Has been Walking around with
A Too Delicate to Operate
Brain Tumor for a Few Years
Now.  But as Bad as All of that
Is, It Was a Whole Lot Worst
When he did Not have Health
Insurance.  God Used The
Affordable Health Care Act
To help Save My Son's Life.
Now, he has Great Doctor's
and Great Care! And We
Personally have Thanked
God and President Obama
Over and Over Again.
So What happen to those
Five Republicans who met
With Trump and Changed their
Mind's? Did Mr. Trump Threaten
Them? Was there Blackmail in
The Air?....Uh?! And While I watched
Many Americans Cry in Hurt and Anger,
 The House Republicans were
Celebrating, Taking Pictures.
Yeah.... Go ahead and
 Take Those Pictures, Just Like They
Took Pictures Smiling and Excited
Just Before They got on The Titanic
And It Sunk. Because You Will Pay.
So U.S. Senate Republicans, Take Note:
You are going to See The Repercussion
Of What The House Did Today,   Not Just
Seeing Them Losing Seat After Seat
In 2018.  But You Will See in State After
State Constituents giving Their Congressman
and a Congresswoman a Literal Beat Down.
So Take Heed of The Warning. Do Not
Even Do a Up or Down Vote on This Bill.
Don't Do Nothing!
For You May Be Scared of Donald Trump,
Or of Losing that Seat that You Don't Deserve.
But Your Biggest Fear Should be When
You Face God. Oh Yes, and Baby...You Will. And
Everyday and Night, You are going to have
To Deal with that Man or Woman In The
So was it Worth it? Was it Worth it
Just so That Donald Trump could get
Some Sick Kind of Victory? Hear
Me Now,  This Leader has Some
Serious Mental Issues and Will Soon
Be Out of Office.  And then You
Will Be Left to deal with what
You did, All By Yourself!  And to
Both House and Senate Republicans and
Democrats, I have a Warning for
 You, Proverbs 21:13 Saids that
"Those that Stop  Their
Ears Against The Cry of The Poor
Will One Day Cry Themselves and Will
Not Be Heard"......People, Pay Day is
Coming! God Will Not be Mocked, You Will
Reap what You Sowed. So You Better
Pray that Jimmy Kimble's Testimony
Will Not  Come Down Your Street. Maybe
Not The Same Way, But I Promise  You..
It's Coming!  So, it's  Time to Repent,
Pray, Stand Up......And Fight!
Pastor D

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Well Today is April 29th, 2017, Trump's Famous 100th Day as President of The United States.
Now Personally, even though the media had countdowns to this day Blasted on their 
Cable Tv Screen as well as other Media Outlets, I can care Less.  I Could not deal with 
his First Day. And to me, he is Not My President of The United States.  And it's not because of 
Racism, Sour Grapes or Party Differences.  It is Because Something Happened.  Something Happened that let's me and others know that this man did not get in this position
 Legally, or Morally. 
And I am Praying that this Truth will be Disclosed Real Soon, with a Whole Lot of Other Truths.  God will let The Truth  come out.  And it will come out No Matter how many  
 Fake Distractions that Mr. Trump and his folks  will  come up with!

     So 100 Days.......Puh!. But Mr. Trump being in the White house has proven what we 
already knew, and that is that Mr. Trump has some Serious Mental Issues. And  Yes, 
Saturday Night Live and other Comedians has painted a Comical Picture of his mental state. 
But this is Serious!  You see, The Truth is that Our Country and Other Countries 
could be in a lot of trouble, because of it.  And Non-Criminal Immigrants and their 
 innocent children have been living in fear since day one.  And he has proven over and over again, that he knows Nothing  and Do Not  have a heart for Health Care or for the people who needs it.  
It has been proven that he Knows nothing about Foreign Policy, or Running a Country.  But in his Mind, He Knows Everything.....And Everything is Always  about..."Him".
So on this day, I Finally started a Petition with Move that I have wanted to do 
since he supposedly won.  The Petition Saids....."Make it A Law that anyone Running 
for President of The United States Must Get a Mental Evaluation"
Please go on- all-law-that. And Sign The Petition.
Or just go on Move and Look for The Title. Just Sign Please!
( It Should be "A Law" But it May Say..."All Law")...
So People, Wake Up,  Sign this Petition now  to Prepare Ourselves for The Next Time. 
So, on this 100th Day of Trump's So Called Presidency. We May Not Know what Crazy 
imbalanced things that is  on Mr. Trump's Mind.......But for the rest of us, Please Remember
that a Mind, Your Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste.  So Get Up and Rise Up for We got 
a Lot More Work to do.  For we  Must Continue to Pray, Stand Up and Fight...Fight, Pray and Fight!!!!