Tuesday, October 14, 2014


There is a sickness among us, creeping around hurting people and taking lives. In the last several years, Africa has been infiltrated with the Ebola virus. Many Africans have died. But, no one cared until it hit The United States...Um.. Deadly! But there is also another sickness among us that was here before Jesus came, and that sickness is Racism. And unfortunately, there is no antibiotic, or serum that can destroy it. For there is not one thing that The CDC( Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta can do about it!....And in these two cases, I have to ask the question...Is There a Doctor in In The House? Let's Get The Facts about Ebola: Ebola is a EHF ( Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever) Disease. It affects Humans and some mammals. And it is caused by an Ebola Virus. Symptoms start 2-3 weeks after contacting the virus. There is a 21 day incubation period. Symptoms are: Fever, Sore Throat, Muscle Pain and Headaches. Typically Diarrhea and Vomiting do follow, along with a Rash. Blood samples will be taken to rule out anything else and to properly diagnose the disease. Contact is through Blood or Body Fluids of an Infected human or animal. And Washing of the hands and being properly clothed when working with meat, can't hurt. One must be aware that some of the disease could possibly travel through Fruit Rats. Even though Antibiotics are used, There is no specific treatment that can be guaranteed for the disease. And as of October 10th, 2014, in the area of Liberia about 4,024 people have died. Deadly, Deadly! RACISM: Racism has been here for a Long, Long Time! And ( Wikipedia) Defines that Racism consist of both Prejudice and Discrimination. And it is based in social perceptions of biological differences between people. And it often takes the form of social actions, practices or beliefs. Or it involves political symptoms. These symptoms considers different races to be as ether inherently Superior or Inferior to each other. There is this theory that members of a different race should be treated differently. Racism causes assumptions or presumptions. It causes stereotypes whether intentional or unintentional. And of course it crosses institutional divisions. ( Like in Colleges). -Racism...Deadly, Deadly! So is there a Cross reference between Ebola and Racism? Was Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan treated differently because of his race? And if the rumors are true, the way that he was treated in that Texas Hospital was Disgraceful! As I mentioned, This disease Ebola is not new. But it became brand new when it went from killing thousands of Africans to infecting white America.....And others. And you know, All of this has got me thinking. How fair was the distribution of good health care in the past? For example: when I was two years old, I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with a very high fever. They thought that I had Polio. But it turned out (like in many cases back then),that What I actually had was Rheumatic Heart Fever. I was in the hospital for weeks. And months later I had to learn how to walk again. Anyway, I really wonder now...how long was the Polio Vaccine out before the brown kids or the olive kids were able to get vaccinated? Was it like financial aid in college? You see, When we found out about The Basic Grant. The white students had benefited from it for years before we ever heard of such a grant. So, in the case of a disease like Polio, how long did we have to wait before we knew anything about a vaccination? And here in 2014, are we really prepared? You know this type of Racial Division of care is not new...Remember the war on drugs? There was no war, until the drugs left the poor neighborhoods and went to the Caucasian/Elite. Only then was it a tragic epidemic! Anyway, the nurses union has complained that the nurses, the hospitals and even the doctors are not really being prepared for this disease. And I can understand their concern. You know I worked in the medical field for years before going into the ministry. And I worked at a Major Hospital in Michigan in Nursing, Pathology and as a Pre-Med Student. When Aids became a big issue, our Infectious Disease Control Department did a Good job helping us to deal with it. But the problem was, every 5 minutes they were always changing the protocols. One day it's no glove then double glove, you must wear gowns, mask and on and on. So, I understand the frustration. And if something goes wrong, it's the nurses and staff who gets blamed and Not the Ceo's. And who gets hurt the most is the Patients and Their Families. And it was a mess during that Aids Scare. People just feared the unknown. And there were times back then, when if a Aids patient was coding, The Respiratory Team would take their time. Yes....I am telling you the Truth! Me...I had no problems working with Aids Patients. I had No fear at all, I just Prayed and followed protocol. But then one day a colleague put this thought in my mind. She said "Deborah, that's good that you are not afraid of working with Aids or IVDA ( Intravenous Drug Abuser)patients, but you need to remember that you have two kids at home. And you have to think about them" So, I understand what the Nurses and Staff are going through. They feel that they are receiving dysfunctional training. Racism in the country has grown rapid. Especially after Barack Obama became president. The haters are probably blaming him now for the Ebola Virus. Saying something low like he probably brought it over with him from Kenya, ( You know the country that they say that he was really born in). Pitiful. Yes, Racism has really been out there. It's been in the Congress, the police department..etc. Hate has taken too many lives in this country. People like Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Eric Garner in New York, Renisha McBride in Michigan, Michael Brown, the young man in Walmart, St. Louis and others. And although we must understand that violence does not solve Anything, I understand the Frustration and Anger. That's why we All Must Get Out and Vote. Vote, Baby Vote! And on that note: to All of you Democrats who have been hiding from President Obama and his accomplishments, denying that you are associated with him, like the disciples hid and denied that they knew Jesus after the Resurrection..you folks better watch out! Denying someone that helped you in the past, just because they are not on top right now just so that you can get Re-elected, is wrong. And you cannot be trusted when the heat hits you, on the floor of the congress. And in Reality , you may not get ahead anyway. So, as I close, let me say this: Everybody need to search themselves. Find out what prejudices that you may have. Do we Really love our neighbor? Even our neighbor who looks like us? And then we all should wonder..Is this Ebola Crisis a Disease or is it a Plague? Check the scriptures as you check yourself..( See Exodus 9:14). A Plague could have been allowed because of our hatred, racism and falling away from God......I Don't Know. Think about it. You know The Bible talks about how some things can only be solved by Fasting and Praying. You see, Racism is a Spiritual demon and it must be dealt with Spiritually. And that includes the hate of folks like Isis and the like. It's Spiritual Wickedness. But God has All......Power! And I don't care what your race or ethnicity is. I don't care if you are a Religious Right Conservative or a Progressive Democrat. It does not matter to me if you are a Bible toting Baptist, a shouting Apostolic or a card carrying A.M.E.- Racism and Hatred is Wrong. And with Ebola, Isis, and other issues facing us, this should be the time that we should be coming together as one. God has been watching. And He has found that a lot of us have missed out on an opportunity to Be Blessed by coming together. And now We are going to have to pay the price. So, I say this to you all today. Search Yourself. Make sure that Your Heart is Right. And After you have done that, do what God said to His people in 2nd Chronicles 7: 14. For He said.."If My People, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves pray and seek My face and Turn from their wicked ways, Then...I will hear from Heaven. And it is Then that I will Heal Their Land" So let's be clear, The Ebola Virus and Racism are Two Deadly Diseases. But if We will Pray, Repent, Be Honest with Ourselves and Seek God's Face...( For Real)..Then as a Nation We All will see, that There is a Doctor in The House! Blessings, PastorD

Friday, May 30, 2014


Here we are, in The Middle of Spring and June is Almost here. And in a few months, we will be facing another Mid-Term Election. So Folks....How are you doing?....Are You Angry, Upset, Tired?..Are You Mad Enough to....Vote?!! You Know we talk about history. And Yes, history is repeating itself with all of the bigotry, sexism and the like. But in this last year, this country has Made History!!! People, we are Now at a New Low! The Republicans and the Scared Democrats are going to let your babies die from the lack of Good Health Care. and they do not care if they are under educated, or too weak from the lack of Good Nutrients to Notice. No, They want the Toddlers and the Infants to feed themselves, clothed themselves and to pick themselves up by their own Boot Straps, and they are not even old enough to buy Any Boots!!! Now Listen, I am not for Abortion. This is Something that I Do Not Believe in. But, how do you explain not allowing a woman to make a decision to terminate a pregnancy, even in the case of a rape or health issues. But in the same breath you deny their baby, Food and Good Health Care by misquoting the Bible saying...If A Man Don't Work..They Don't Eat!.....Really?!!! ( And by the why, since you love to quote that scripture so much, why don't you look at yourselves in the mirror. Because Most of you Republicans and your Uncaring Colleagues have Not Done Any Work!!!)... And they are doing this all while they try to keep women in The 1940's Legislating All up in their Playtex Drawers! So, Yeah, I'm Mad. I am definitely Mad Too! But, what are we going to do about it? Well, Let's See. In 2010, The Democrats and a lot of folks were So Laid Back and so caught up in The "Obama Won the Presidency Euphoria", that We Stayed Home. And what did we get? We got A Republican House, a Barely made it Democratic Senate ( With Some Democrats who were actually Republicans on the Down Low), and a whole bunch of uncaring, cold hearted Republican Governors. Just ask the folks in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Yes...We are going to have to get Our Behinds Out to The Polls like it's 2012!!! Now You can Call in all that you want to on the talk radio shows, But we have to Pray, and put some action in Our Prayers, and Vote! You see, We should have learned by now, that having a Democrat President who Does Care, will not matter when you have a legislative majority that continues to Repeat.... "Just Say No!" No, We are going to have to get Out and Vote in this Mid-Term Election like your Life Depends On it! And to All of You Scared Democrats who care more about winning the election than about the people that you work for...You Better Watch Out! We Know who You are. You have been Hiding and Running away from The Affordable Health Care Act, like the Disciples did when Jesus was No Longer Popular but was Crucified for Doing what was Right!! Our Message to You is...We Will Remember you this Election. You know, Maybe you Do Need to Lose the Seat that You have so Fearfully Tried to hold on To! ( Out here trying to Save your life and Lose Your Own Soul!!!).....You Don't Care about Our Babies, Women, The Poor and The Working Poor... You Just Care about Yourself!! And You Need to go Somewhere Repent and Apologize to Your Constituents Because We will Remember You!! And as I Close, let me touch on a Very Sensitive Note: For All of You who have Not Voted for Years because You Don't Know how or because You Cannot Read....Please Don't be a shame! But Find someone that You can Trust and ask them to help You. And then Ask God to send you Someone who will help You to Learn how to Read!! Listen, The Shame is Not in You Not Knowing How to Read. But, The Shame is in You Not Getting Some Help when it is Available to You!! So, Get Mad...And Be Determined that Nothing, or Nobody is going to Stop You from Exercising Your "RIGHT" to Vote!! And Please Don't Listen to The Folks who say that Your Vote Don't Count Anyway...For They are The Ones Who Do Not Vote in The First Place!! And They are The First Ones to get in a Line to Get Something! And Listen, My Vote Does Count. And I Make Sure that it Does!! For, Besides Praying.... After The Election I Stay in The Face via email, Phone Call or Whatever to Make Sure that Those that are Elected Do What's Right. Understanding that Sometimes what God May Tell them to do, May Not Be what I Want to Be Done!! So Wake Up Everybody! Put this Election Under The Blood of Jesus! Pray for Our Leaders. And Pray for This Election. And ask God to Have "His" Way. For He Don't want to see His Children out Here Hungry, Homeless or His Seed Begging for a Piece of Bread!! So Are You Angry, Tired, and Disgusted!?...Then Get Up, Stand Up and Vote, Vote, Pray...And Vote!!! Blessings PastorD

Thursday, May 22, 2014

"WILL THE REAL RACIST......PLEASE STAND UP!?"...( The Revelation of The Racist on The Down Low)

About a Few Weeks ago in April, 2014, Right in The Middle of The NBA Playoff's, There was Breaking News..A Tape had Revealed that Donald Sterling, The Owner of The LA Clippers Made Racist Statements about Black People. Statements that was Recorded in Secret by his then Girlfriend V. Stiviano. Ms. Stiviano is of Mexican and Black Decent. Reportedly, he said some Very Low ,Ugly Degrading Things! Apparently this all got started after she took a picture with NBA Legend Magic Johnson. As a matter fact, Just Recently, He said some Very Low Cut Cruel things about Magic Johnson in the Midst of his So-Called Apology! Well, The Pressure was on. And The NBA Players Stood Their Ground. And Between The Players, Fans and The Sponsors Pulling out on The Clippers...Commissioner Silver Banned Sterling from The Clippers and from Appearing at Any NBA Games. He was Fined Two Million Dollars, and He was told to Give up The Clippers. People Say, that Two Million Dollars Was Nothing for him. But Donald Sterling Let it Be Known that he was Not going to Pay Nothing, and that he was not going to Give Up Nothing!! It's All Now in the hands of the Owners.. and God! What Really Amazed me about this whole thing, is The Players. The Retired and Current Players. In Press Conferences and The Like, You did not just see a Bunch of Rich NBA Players, with that "I got Mine's You Get Yours".. Mentality, but these were Business Men, Politicians, Community Leaders and I Was Proud of Them! And Magic Johnson could have really acted out.... but under the circumstances, I Think that he did Well!! Now, The Word around the Media and on The Streets with The White Picket Fence is....."What Someone says in Private Should Not be Used against them" But let me make this Clear.....Yes, People have The Right to Privacy....But How You Think and How You Feel about Folks Becomes My Business When You are a Corporation, And You Employ those Same Minorities that You Think are Lower than a Dog!! It becomes My Business When My Patronizing Certain Entities is Paying for The Business that You have and is Paying Your Salary! But as I Close, Let's Talk about Something Else...Donald Sterling was not The First Racist to be Found out, Nor will he be The Last. Remember The Congressman Who Lost his job?...And Paula Deen...She is Still Trying to get her Job Back. But at Least They Tried to Fake an Apology. No, Since Barack Obama became President of The United States.... Racism have Come Out of The Woodwork. Kids are Starving, The Unemployed are about to go Homeless, and Health Care for All does Not exist in Some States, All Because Racist Folks Don't Want to Allow Anything to be Done, that Will Help this Black Man Look Good!!! So, My Question For You Today is....Will The Real Racist...Stand Up?"...Really, Who Will Be Next? Someone who anchors Your Local News?.....Your Mayor, Congressperson. Or How about The Doctors that You have Been Seeing for Years? or What about The Preacher in The Pulpit?...Please Do Not Be Surprised!! And Listen, this type of Hate is Not Isolated to Whites, Tea Partier's or Republicans. But,Racist Comes in All Sizes and All Colors. But at The End of The Day, it's Wrong..It's from the devil and it is Demonic. And God is Not Pleased!!! So, We All Need to Check Ourselves to Make Sure that We are Not a Racist...."On The Down Low"!!! Let's Make Sure that We are Not Teaching Our Babies to Hate by Using Sublingual Messages!!! God Comes to Search The Heart and in These Last of The Last Days...We All May Need to Repent and to Make Sure that We Can Stand Before The Lord!...And After We have Searched ourselves and Repented.......Hold On....For God has Something for All of The Donald Sterling's of The World... He has Judgement for All of The Legislators who Refuse to Help The Poor or The Working Poor Because They Hate a Black President. Yes, We Must Continue to Fight and Speak Out against this Type of Hate...But Know This...That Vengeance is Mines...Sayeth The Lord, and to The Kochs and The Like.....You Better Know that, Proverbs 21: 13 is Now Coming to Past....."Those that Stop Their Ears Against The Cry of The Poor Will One Day Cry Themselves and WILL NOT BE HEARD!!!!! So, Let's Continue to "Pray, Stand Up and Fight"!!! Blessings, PastorD