Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Here we are about Fourteen Days until The Presidential Election, as well as other Important Elections. But Let's Talk about this Presidential Election in the United States....Oh Did I Say.."United"...States?   This Election and the Campaign has been a Mess!  And The Haters and Racist have Truly Come Out of the Wall, The Hole or Whatever!! And like I am telling My People, this is Not just about... "I  Want My Guy to Beat Your Guy or Democrats against Republicans"...No! This is a "Spiritual Warfare"  Spiritual I Say! For the devil Truly has Lifted up his Ugly Head.  And I am not Saying that I Agree with Everything that President Obama has Done, but He is The President, And He Must Be Respected!.  And with All that has been handed to him, he has Done a Darn Good Job!!  And by the way, it's just like My Husband saids,Barack Obama is The President of The United States...Not Just a...."Black President"!!  But The Racist Codes Like "The Food Stamp" President, The "He's Not a American or The Muslim Gate" and other things are Part of a Spiritual Warfare.  And Divided We Stand, when a Group of Black Preachers who have Never Stood Before a National Mic about Anything else, All of a Sudden can Raise a Million Dollars to get Us'ess to Not Vote for President Obama because of His Personal, Personal Opinion of Same Sex Marriage. No Law was Passed or any kind of Declaration but he gave His Opinion .  And Here these Religious Folks Come,  Raising One Million Dollars while their Congregants are Losing Their Homes, Need Food and Food Stamps, and Jobs!!  And alot  of these People who are Receiving Food Stamps by the way, are Working, but it is not Enough...And I Believe that Most of them will Not be Too Ashamed to Say..."Thank God for Food Stamps!"...So, How Dare You!!   Well from Day One when I Heard this, I Knew that this Smelled!! And Now We find out That The  "He Said"..Group is being Funded by People Associated with The GOP.  It's like I always say....Follow The Money Trail.  Now, I Do Not Approve of Same Sex Marriage, but I will be Darn if I am going to legislate What Homosexuals Can or Can't Do or Where They Can or Can't Live or Where They Can or Can't Work.  Um....It was just Yesterday when They were Saying that about Us...My Black Clergy Brethren!! And I Don't Approve of Abortion, but again, I am not going to Not Vote for Somebody because of that either. Let's See, The Gop Religious Right Pharisee Republicans don't want You to Support Abortion or Gays..But, it's Okay, to Let The Children who Have Come out of   The Birth Canal, who Are Breathing and Very Much Alive,  Die because of Their Cutting and Slashing of Social Programs, and Denying them Adequate Health Care.  It's a Double Standard. 

    So, I Say to The People in This Country to..."Cut It Out"!!!! Cut that Tumor of Hate and Racism Out of Your Heart, Cut that Cyst of Blocking and Stonewalling Out of Your Congressional Seats.  And Folk in The Hood/Suburbs.....Cut That Cancer of Ignorance Out of Your thinking, that Saids ..."My Vote Doesn't Count, or I'll just Let Someone else Do it for Me!!"... CUT IT OUT!!!!! Stop Being a Bunch of Sorry People !! I Don't Care Where You Come From..It's  Sorry to be like that!  And by The way...if You Don't Vote...Keep Your Hands in Your Pockets, Because You Don't Deserve any of the benefits that those who did Vote, Voted  for Folks to have!! For Even Now in 2012, Over Forty Years After Dr.  Martin Luther King and Others,  People are Still Having to Fight for Their Vote! Women are Not just being told to go to the Back of The Bus like Rosa Parks..But they are Told to Go Back to The kitchen, and By The Way, Take Your Shoes off and Bare Me a Child While You are at it!!!!  It has been said Lately, and I Agree, that Too Much has been made about these Debates. We Should not be Sitting around with Some Popcorn to see if My Man Wins, Look Good, Sweat or Whatever.   For this Election is Not about a "Debater in Chief" But this is about a "Commander in Chief".  This is About Our Lives. Ask anyone who had a Child that had to go before The Supreme Court, where they had to Decide if They Lived or They Died!! This is About Our Lives. And We Need to Wake up Now!!!!!

  I  Close with Two Examples of why No Abled Body Person Should Have Any Excuse  Not to Vote. 
1. There is a 93Year Old War Veteran who is in Hospice.  He Fought for Our Country and was Not going to Let this Election go by Without Counting his Vote. So at his Bed side, he made sure that on his Dying Bed,that he got to Cast his Absentee Ballot.

2.  A 36 Year Old Black Male who is a Full Time Pastor but Do not receive a regular salary,  had to Look Long and Hard for a Job.  So He left the State of Tennessee  to find a job  and ended up with his Sister and Husband back in Michigan. Well Praise God he found a Temporary Job.  And he was Determined  that The Republican Party and the Haters was Not going to stop His Vote.   So He tried to Vote by an Absentee Ballot with The State of Tennessee. But because they were fooling around with it,He Decided to ask for
a Day off of his New Job, Take Money that he was Saving for a Much Needed Car, Hopped on a Plane, Excuse me Two Planes..( With a Lay Over)..And Vote.  And He Did!  This 36 Year Old Young Black Man, Voted as Soon as he landed in Memphis!!!  He Takes Voting Very Seriously and have been since the age of 18.  And by the Way, this Young Man is My Son!!!! And I am Very Proud of Him!!  So, What's Your Excuse?.  And to those who have not Decided Yet...Wake Up, Your Own Personal Struggles , and Some Prayer should have Been.......... Showed you what to Do By Now.!
 So in these Last Few Days Before November 6th, 2012, Get up!  And Help Somebody Else Get Up and Vote!! Go to the Lord , Repent, and ask God for Forgiveness. Because at The End of the Day, with No Msnbc, CNN or the like, with No Big Crowds, or TV Ads, with No Signs and Marches around You...It's Going to be Just You and Him!! So...."CUT IT OUT".     Remove All of those those things that's inside of You that is Blocking "You"  from Going Forward!!   Do it Today, and ......VOTE!!!


Pastor D