Saturday, February 25, 2012


As We Reflect  over The End of The First Term of President Barack Obama.  We Can Say that a Lot was Accomplished But....With Very Little Help!!...But God!!!  But in 2012, We have Not Moved Forward but Have Moved Back..... To The Old Plantation.  A Wise Pastor of Mines Once Said to an Elite Black Congregation....."Don't Be Too Comfortable About What You Have, What Degrees You've Earned or What Your Title is...Because in a Blink of an Eye You Can be Right Back into Slavery.  You See, (He Said)...We Only Have What "They" Allowed Us to Have"......And Yes , Pastor, That Day is Now! And as for Me....I have Had About Enough!  This President Who Just Happens to Be Black has been Persecuted By The Religious Right, and even by Some Blacks in The Left for Not Being Black Enough!  But Today...Let's Talk about The Religious Right.   I Can't Seem to Go Anywhere in the Past Couple of years, and Especially this Past Year Without hearing...."We Want Our Country Back"...."He is Not an American, So He is Not The President"..":So  He Showed His Birth Certificate, But Now We Need To See His Transcripts From His Grade School"...."Hussein..Hussein"..."He is a Muslim" ..."Obama is a Socialist..."Obama is a Communist'
And All I Have to Say is......"Just Say It"!!!!!..Just Cut Out All of the Crap and The Excuses.. You Don't Like "President" Obama Because He is Black...African American ,Colored, Negro The "N" Word..You Know What You Really Mean..And So Do We!!!!! And  to Those of You who Want to Take Your Country Back.....Back From Who??  A Black Man?  We Didn't hear You Say that When President Bush Put us in An Unlawful War, Killing Our Sons and Daughters Unnecessarily!  You Didn't Request to Get The Country Back ( Though Impeached)..When Bill Clinton was President!!..No, It's Not About Experience or The Lack There of...It's All About The Color of A Man's Skin!!

  So To All of  You Religious Right Christians...To All of You, Who Sing "Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah"..On Sunday Mornings With Hate in Your Heart...To Those of you Who Think that You  are So Holy, and that it's Okay to Hate People of Color (Including The Latino Community).. ,Because to You..We are Not  Human.....Watch Out!!  Because God..Almighty God...Jesus Christ is Not Pleased!!  God Said to Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself......Ooops..I Forgot..Some of You Don't Even Love Yourself..That's Why You Can't Love Nobody Else..So, I'll Pray for You! ...But for the Rest of You Who Do Love Yourself...It's Time for a Reality Check....."Hi Neighbor"....Yes, That's Right, Me With My Cream Colored Skin is Your Neighbor Whether You Agree with Me or Not.. 'President" Obama is Your Neighbor Whether You Like Him or Not..The Middle Class and The Poor "Is" Your Neighbor Whether You Respect Them or Not!  Therefore Prepare Yourself When You have to Face Our Saviour Jesus Christ..Prepare Yourself When He Ask You Why You Have Not loved Your Neighbor!!!!!  Because that Day is Coming! God is Speaking!  And Speaking of the Poor...To All of Those Ignorant, Heartless Religious Right Republicans and Some Democrats Who have Done Nothing to Help The Poor..To All of You Holier than Thou Folks, Who Deny that You are Racist Because You Have.... A "Black Friend."..( Like They are a Pet or Something)..To All of You Who have Voted Over and Over Again to Hurt People of Color, People Who Don't Look Like You, Women and Those Who Don't Think Like You.....God has Another Message for You...Read Proverbs: 21:13.  Because It is About to Come to Past......And it Reads....."Those That Turn or Stop Their Ears to The Cry of the Poor Will One Day Cry Themselves and Shall Not Be heard"...Don't Think it Won't Happen? Don't Think that it's Possible Because You Have All of Your 401 K's..Blood Money and  Oil Money All Stocked Up?!!!  Just Ask the people White and Black Who are On Food Stamps who Never thought that it Would Happen to Them! Just Ask The Homeless Family, Who Did the Right thing, and Thought that Anyone Who Was Homeless Did it To Themselves and Should Not be Helped!!  ( And None of it Was Because of President Obama..Or Any One Man!)...So Stop The Lying!!!!  No..The Banks and All of You Will Have Your Day before God, Right Here on This Earth. And No Republican Congress, Rich Friend or Even a President Obama Will Be Able to Help You..Because You See.....You Reap What You Sow! And This Country is Reaping Now, from Ugly, Spiritual ,Hateful Seeds.  And Until We Repent as a Nation.... We Can "Not" Go Forward.  So, America...Republicans and The Like......Cut The Crap!!
Be Honest With Yourself about "President" Barack Obama!  Look Yourself in the Mirror, and See Just who is Putting Out All of the Hate! Stop Hiding Under The Name of "The Tea Party", "The Birthers", "Conservatism" and "Holiness"!! Because When You face God....He Will  Be Honest With You.. And Then He Will Say it To You With All of The "True" Righteousness in His Hands...'Don't Play With Me"...Confess Your Faults.....And Right  Here and Right Now......You Need to...... "Just..... Say It!!!!"....And Then.....Repent!!!!  Blessings -Pastor D.