Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Well, Well, We are only in about
Fifty Three days into
The So Called Presidency of
Donald Trump.  And More
and More things that we Suspected
about Trump, Russia and
Lies Continue to Manifest
Itself.  So The Latest is
Rachel Maddow's Revelation
Of Donald Trumps 2005
Tax Return.....A Whole Two
Pages.  Rachel of Msnbc is
an Excellent Journalist and is
Very Thorough in her
Investigations.  She Also
Cares.  I Believe that The
Folk in Flint, Michigan
Could Verify that.  But Like
I mentioned to Rachel this
Morning via email,  Do Not
Get too Caught up in that
Tax Return.  It could  be
a Diversion.  Throwing The
Dog a Bone in Other Words.
You See, While the dog is going for
The Bone, he misses the intruder
Who is sneaking in the back
Door that means to do More
Harm than one could ever
Imagine.  Don't You hear
The Dog Barking?.  Media,
Wise Praying Residents
Of this Country....Somebody
Needs to Stand Guard, 24/7.
For  The Real Truth, The Real
Danger, The Real Story is
Sneaking in The Back Door
as We Speak.  Congresswoman
Maxine Waters and Congressman
 John Conyers and The
Like, Keep on Probing, Keep
On Pressing for The Truth.
But to The Rest of You Democrats
Who has been sitting back
Doing Nothing and seeing
Which way the wind is going
To Blow.  To Those in The
DNC, who have forgotten
That you work for us, while
You are So busy playing
Kissy face because you are
Afraid of Losing Your Seat....
....Wake Up, for you have Already
Lost that seat.  We are Lining
Up Many, Community Organizing
Young People Who has
Integrity and who will be Taking
Your Place in 2018.  Now
Listen, On this day March
15th, 2017, You May have
Another Chance to Fix
Things.  God is about to
Hand You a Basket Full of
Truth and Evidence of a
Corrupt Administration
Called Trumpville.  Do Not
Blow This Opportunity.
Do Your Job! Listen,
I hear the doors of The
Dog Kennel Opening.
Which Side will You be on,
In The Dog House or Out?!
The Barking Dog is Saying
Pull Up Your Sleeves and
Fight. For at this Moment,
My Granddaughter Candace
Who Turned 6 Years Old
Today, can do a Much
Better Job than You can.
So to Every Registered
 Voter Out there,
Do Your job too, Before you
Find Yourself Living "Under"
The Dog House with No
Food and No Health Insurance.
And I said it Before and I'll
Keep saying it.  We have to
Repent, Continue to Pray and Stand Up
And Fight Like Never Before!
March 15th, 2017