Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"IF MY PEOPLE........"

Hello Everybody,
    I Apologize to Everyone for not blogging these past few months.  But every time there was
a Police Killing of an Unarmed man or Woman of Color.  Every time, a innocent child died
in the streets.  Or every time, Tumpsville would let out more of their Racist, Hatred Bigotry,While I
will be trying to Pray, and take in a Deep Breath so that I Could Write... Here comes another
incident.  But here I am Tonight, on the last day of October 2016.  And I Just want to say one thing. in Regards to This Presidential Election......."What In The Heck Is Wrong With You?!
This Election has been a Mockery to All those who have Fought Hard for a Democracy.
Now, it's Okay, to Publicly Call Someone The "N" Word at a Rally of Someone who is Running for
The President of  The United States.  Now it is a Norm to gather in a Political Setting and
Repeat Anti-Semitism's,  and Shout things like,  Lock Her Up, Kill Her and Worst. And You Know what Really Makes Me Angry, is This:
 If President Obama would of even Whispered Some of that Mess when he
was Running, he would of  been hauled off somewhere being Threatened to go to Jail or would have been accused of Treason.  Barack Obama had to part ways with his own Pastor, when he was running
the first time, just because he was an out Spoken Minister, But this Trump guy can say anything that
he wants, will not Denounce The Klu Klux Klan and White Supremacy,  And No One does Nothing!
And The Right and Left Media are No Help.  You Thought that Trump was Funny, Ridiculous
and did not call him out on Things like this way back when he was running in the Primary. .
The Republicans are Reaping what They Sowed from Saying that  they will make sure that
President Obama would be a One Term President.  They are Reaping what They Sowed, from
Blocking Everything that was Good for The Children, Poor and Middle Class Families Just
Because it had President's Obama's Name on it.  And Now, You are Crying because you let
this man who you thought was a Temporary Joke into Your Cozy Little World And he is
Embarrassing The Daylights Out of You.  Well That's what you Get! And While You are Reaping,
I Think that you should Remind Yourself of All of the hateful things that you did while we were
paying you to work for us   Because Pay Day is Coming!  And a Lot
of You Will Not Get Back in. And Now, a FBI Director who was thought to have Integrity is
doing Questionable things just days before The Election.  Who got to you Comey? Are you being Black Mailed?  What is Really Going On?  Trump can brag on and defend  Putin and Russia.
 He Can Have Plans to Build More Hotels in Russia while Coincidentally They are Hacking into Hillary's and The Democrats emails, and You Want to Accuse her of being a Threat
to Our National  Security?!!!!..........Please!  What Kind of Fool do you think that The American
People, Democrats or Republicans Are?! And he Refuses to Show his Taxes, using a
So Called Audit as a excuse.   Oh No, The Truth is going to Come out. But  as I Close this Blog, I Must Say The Main Thing that God has Put on My Heart To Say Tonight and that is.....REPENT!!!
Repent America, Go Before God and Repent. Hillary, President Bill.....Repent!! Not to The Press or
To Man, But Repent to God.  Because He is The Only One who has a Heaven or Hell to
Give You.  For When You Truly Repent to God for Real.....God Will Take Care of The Rest, So Please Do it Now!!!
Young People, Lift Up Your Heads, Get Some Wisdom, Pray and Vote. Too Many People Died
for You Not To.  Yes, Black Lives Matter. Now Take Your Black Lives,Rebecca, Clarence and  Pookie  and Them to The Polls........And Vote!
 You Marched..  Great! But Put Your Voice  Where Your Protest is......And Vote !!!   Everybody, Ask for Forgiveness and for Direction.  And to You "But" People, Wake Up.
You Say, I Know that Donald Trump saids Racist Things and Degrades Women and Lies "But" He is going to get us a Job.. (With his Broke/Bankrupted  Self).., So I am going to Vote for him.  Wake Up!
That's like saying, I Know that Uncle Bob, Molest Kids, and is a Rapist, "But" I am going to
let my Kids go Over to  his house  anyway, because he promised me a Job. Listen, Black Folks and
Folks of Color...Stop Letting these people use The "J" Word on You, so that  you can Kiss them where The Sun won't Shine.  It's a Fake Off Lie! . Just ask the People in Michigan.  They are Still Dealing with the Repercussions of Snyder's "Re-Inventing" Michigan which was Suppose to  Bring Jobs. Well, No Jobs..Poison Water Yes...But Baby No Jobs, Not for Us!
     So, We have got to Pray, Grow Up! Move On and Let Some things Go..."Nina"!  This is a Serious Fight! No Time for Grudges on Our Backs,  a Hurtful Ego and Bitterness,  This is War!  And We Can Only Win this War if We Come Together as One!  Let God Handle What is Not being Handled Right  Now, and Come Together!
This Nation is in Trouble and We Pray for Healing and Many Things.
But Let's Remember what it saids in 2nd Chronicle 7:14-"If My People Who are Called By My
Name, Will Seek My Face, Pray and Turn.........From Their Wicked Ways, Then I Will Hear Their
Prayers and I Will Heal Their Land".....And The Wicked Ways, Include, Hatred, Racism, Bigotry,
Legislative Poverty and Forcing The Native Americans Off of their Land Just So that You can
Make a Few Bucks.  That is Not God!  And You Will Not Prosper.  In Fact, They are The Ones
Who should be Kicking Us Off  of Their Land. No, if this Nation Wants to Be Healed and Revived.....Do What God is Saying in 2nd Chronicles 7: 14. Now!
So, Wake Up, and Get to  The Polls.  Take a Senior Citizen, First Time Voter, a Church Member
or Neighbor with You, But Get To The Polls and Vote. And if Folk Can't Read.....There is No Shame, Ask for Help, and We Will Help You. And  Don't Believe that Lie that saids that
My Vote Don't Count...Every Single Vote Counts.  You Know, This Election is Bitter Sweet, because it Means that President Obama and First Lady Michelle will no longer be in The White House
And I Will Miss them Dearly!
  I Prayed a Covering Over them and Their Family for these Eight (8) Years,
and I Thank God for Watching Over them.  And I Thank God for All that President  Obama was able to do ( In spite of The Lack of Help).....
...Things like The Affordable Health Care Act, That Allowed My Son, 40 Years Old,who  Had a Stroke at age 36, and Still has a Brain Tumor that Needs to Be Removed, allowed him to have Health Insurance.  I Praise God for that.  It is Blessing to him Right Now,  and  for  Millions of Others.  But even though We know that President Obama will Still be Somewhere Working for Us....and that We Will Miss him, It's  time to Move Forward.
 So if You need One More Reminder what God saids about Voting and Praying about Your
Vote, Just Remember what Proverbs 29: 2 Saids..."When The Righteous are in Authority, The People Rejoice. But When The Wicked...( The Haters, The  Racist )..Beareth Rule, The People Mourn".
So Don't Mourn Baby, But Fight, Fight Like it's Your Child's Life's that is On the Line Standing Before The Supreme Court. Fight Like it's Your Grand children's College Education Future being Destroyed. And if You Don't Vote....Don't Complain! So Baby, Right Here and Right Now, Pray,
Stand  Up, Fight And.....VOTE!!!!!.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


In my last Blog, it was established that a tragedy has happened in Flint, Michigan. Not just
Water that Stinks and is full of lead.  But we have discovered that a Crime has been Committed.
Someone, Gov. Snyder, Darnell Early and others actually sat down and made a decision that
saving a few bucks was more important than keeping the residents of Flint safe.
Brain Damage has occurred and we have no idea how deep that goes. People have now died from Legionnaires Disease. And it has been confirmed since my last blog that Legionella cells
were  found in the water. So as we cross this Bridge again, what has been up?  Well, Rachel Maddow
had a Town hall  Meeting in Flint which was aired on MSNBC...( She will be back)..., And there has been other community gatherings at Churches with the visitations of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Judge Mathis.  There has been a hearing in  Washington, DC.  Snyder's Administration and The EPA,
 were caught with their pants down. A Mother( Leanne Walters) gave her Powerful Testimony about her fight with Flint Officials to try to get help for her kids when she suspected that the water was poisoned.   She was The Real Whistle Blower.  And we Praise God for her fight that will not only help her
 Children (who now has Long Term Challenges.) But it  will help the other Children and Senior Adults in Flint.
We saw a Republican Committee Chairman who did a Pretty Good Job. And The Passion and
Anger of Congressman Cummings who will not let this fight go.  And  Mr. Edwards
from Virginia Tech who told the Truth, and who also helped saved the Life and Integrity of
Ms. Walters, when the other officials were going to leave her out to dry, did an Excellent Job.   And we
saw a  MIA of Emergency Manager Darnell Early, even though he was Subpoenaed.  And No
Gov. Rick Snyder.  Who we are told has done or will do a Private Deposition. That is Full of Crap.
But I have to tell you, While I sat there and Watched those hearings, and the many families of Flint
who took buses to get there.  I thought that it was May 18th, 1973 again. And instead of
a Flint Hearing, you would think that you were watching The Watergate Hearings. It was
a Crime that was committed then and it is a Crime that has been committed now.  And who knows out of this Flint Tragedy, We may end up with Our Own Deep Throat

   And now after not doing Anything, no digging no work at all.  After first promising to  start the digging of the pipes, and then stating that he rather wait to get experts to research the matter...
after all of that, because of Mayor Karen Weaver's Pushing and Putting Gov. Snyder out on
front Street,  Now Gov. Snyder is going to cough up a measly Two Million
Dollars to start digging, which will help a few hundred households.  That's Why we must
keep Marching, Keep Fighting and Keep Praying.  In the past week, I have heard a few folk say on
the radio locally  that, They believe that Gov. Snyder feels bad about Everything.  And that it
is No Way that he did this on purpose because he has Great Ambitions for his Political Career.   But to this one  Blogger and to others who agree,  You cannot base  your opinion of Gov. Snyder not doing this on purpose based on his ambitions. For he still could have did it on purpose,
 He just probably didn't think that he would get caught.

 So as I conclude, People Listen up.  Through All of The Marches, The Petitions for Recall
and The Shout for Snyder's Resignation....Let's not Forget this One important thing..."Prayer"!.
Yes, Prayer.  We and Church Folks alike make the same mistake over and over again, when  we ask everybody for help, But God!  Okay, Gov. Rick Snyder Must Go. But have you thought about who will come after him?  It could be somebody Worst.   No, Everyone in The State of Michigan who
Cares about Each Other, Human Rights and Justice for All of  God's Children (His Babies and Adults).  All of us Must get down on our knees, go before God and ask "Him" to send us a
New Governor. Ask God to Choose His Man or Woman who will hear Him and be Good for the
People in Flint, Michigan, Detroit and The Entire State.  And Everybody across this nation, Check Your Water Out. Don't wait for something to happen. So Let's  Stay, Vigilant, Stay Informed and Look Out for one another.  And then we have to Stand Up,  Fight, ad Make Sure... that We Pray!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

"A BRIDGE... OVER TROUBLED WATERS" ( The Disaster in Flint, Michigan)

It was a Afternoon in July of 2015, and a member of one of our A.M.E. Churches in
Flint, Michigan ( Who is like Family), started telling me about the foul smell and taste in
the water. And on top of that they were being over charged on their water bills. And it turned out
that what they were paying  a whole lot of money for was......  "Poison".  When my kids were
younger, getting a blood test for lead was a norm.  In Detroit, a lot of the old houses were not under the new regulations and so they had walls full of lead paint. And children would sometimes
eat falling paint chips....( Um....I wonder how long did they know that lead was heavy in the houses
in Detroit, before they warned the parents....specifically, poor families of color?)

Lead Poisoning is a Serious and sometimes a fatal condition. It occurs when lead builds up in the
body. Lead is a highly toxic metal and a very strong poison. It is usually found in based paints....walls
of old houses and toys and now water.  It is dangerous in Adults and it is more dangerous in children.
The effects include muscle coordination and brain damage. And it can be Permanent.

 Now let's see, who are the players in this?: There were several Emergency Managers....Yes, Emergency Managers were appointed to make decisions for the people in Flint. You see the
mayor no longer had power. And  the residents had no power. Some of them were Ed Kutz
and the most recent one was Darnell Early and Michael Brown. Darnell Early was also The EM
for The Detroit Public Schools and that is a Total Mess!  Everyone is pointing fingers at each other.
The former mayor, Dayne Walling, is definitely trying to keep his name out of the mix.
Mr. Early said that it wasn't his fault. And the City Council said nobody told them anything. And what did The EPA Know?
And if you think that this whole thing wasn't a plan of Governor Snyder's...I give you Exhibit A..The City of Detroit, Kevin Orr, Pontiac, and Highland Park. All of it has his DNA on it. You decide.  And on the note of Snyder..Let me  thank a few people for making sure that he got in as Governor in 2010.
1. All of the people in Michigan who did not get out and vote, especially in Detroit. 2. The Black pastors who had
walking around money and  who told their congregation to vote for Snyder, because he was going
 to give out jobs.  Listen Folks, "Common Sense 101", Reinventing Michigan did not mean Jobs, it
meant changing things the way that you use to know it.  Like The City Workers in Detroit who  lost
a big portion of their pension. So now we have a new mayor in Flint.  Her name is Mayor Karen Weaver.  She is a member of The A.M.E. Church.  And her sister is an A.M.E. Minister.  She has a long road ahead,  but God will Lead her. So, no more Lies and no more Covering up the Truth. No more calling Rev. Mona Hanna-Attisha Crazy because way back she told The Governor's people  the truth about the water and they didn't want to listen. And We want All.......Of The emails released, not just  a chosen few. So many questions, the deaths of Legionnaires Disease and the many many  cases in and around Flint, how is it related to this no good lead infested water?  For the lead itself has damaged thousands of adults and thousands of kids.

Around September of 2015 after hearing these awful stories,  I Contacted Rachel Maddow from MSNBC  and I begged her to investigate the Flint situation.  And now because of her, things are Wide Opened! This has gone international. ( Now I know that I could not of been the
only one who contacted Rachel...But I am sure Glad that I Did!). And we Thank you Rachel and Your Staff So Very Much!  And I Thank God for Your Passion for The People!
Rachel Maddow and Rev. Al Sharpton made sure years ago, that Detroiters found out what Snyder and The Emergency Manager were up to  in Detroit and in The Detroit Public Schools way before the local media said anything. They act like they're scared or something.  Just like in this Flint situation. And Thank You President Obama for Stepping in and for Caring! And I Pray that you will get Attorney General Loretta Lynch involved as we continue to search for Justice and The Truth. And Listen, a  EPA Director has now resigned.....Um, The Plot Thickens. And I cannot believe the republicans in the State of Michigan who are saying that we are blowing this all
out of proportion. How Dare You!!  And then for Governor Snyder to say that he will bathe
 his grandkids in the water in Flint shows that he is not taking this whole thing seriously, and that he is Not Sorry!
And Listen, if  General Motors pulled out of Flint because the water was destroying their cars...
what in the heck did you think that it would do to a Human Being!? Especially an Infant Human
 Being! So while we wait for more emails and truth's,  Let's All get together and continue to be Vigilant.   Black Lives Matter Muslim Lives Matter, Flint Lives Matter!
 And we do not know how many other Flint, Michigan's there is out there.
So Please get Tested. My Son 'n Love pastored a major A.M.E. church in Flint, Michigan  in 2013. And  him, my daughter and grandbaby's need to be tested as well. So Learn from this. Pray Before you Vote...And then make Sure that You Vote!!  Get on your knees and roll up your sleeves. Keep going until the work is done.  So Baby, Let's do it.  Let's Pray, Stand up and Fight. Because The Real Bridge Over Our Troubled Waters.....Is Jesus Christ!!