Sunday, February 21, 2016


In my last Blog, it was established that a tragedy has happened in Flint, Michigan. Not just
Water that Stinks and is full of lead.  But we have discovered that a Crime has been Committed.
Someone, Gov. Snyder, Darnell Early and others actually sat down and made a decision that
saving a few bucks was more important than keeping the residents of Flint safe.
Brain Damage has occurred and we have no idea how deep that goes. People have now died from Legionnaires Disease. And it has been confirmed since my last blog that Legionella cells
were  found in the water. So as we cross this Bridge again, what has been up?  Well, Rachel Maddow
had a Town hall  Meeting in Flint which was aired on MSNBC...( She will be back)..., And there has been other community gatherings at Churches with the visitations of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Judge Mathis.  There has been a hearing in  Washington, DC.  Snyder's Administration and The EPA,
 were caught with their pants down. A Mother( Leanne Walters) gave her Powerful Testimony about her fight with Flint Officials to try to get help for her kids when she suspected that the water was poisoned.   She was The Real Whistle Blower.  And we Praise God for her fight that will not only help her
 Children (who now has Long Term Challenges.) But it  will help the other Children and Senior Adults in Flint.
We saw a Republican Committee Chairman who did a Pretty Good Job. And The Passion and
Anger of Congressman Cummings who will not let this fight go.  And  Mr. Edwards
from Virginia Tech who told the Truth, and who also helped saved the Life and Integrity of
Ms. Walters, when the other officials were going to leave her out to dry, did an Excellent Job.   And we
saw a  MIA of Emergency Manager Darnell Early, even though he was Subpoenaed.  And No
Gov. Rick Snyder.  Who we are told has done or will do a Private Deposition. That is Full of Crap.
But I have to tell you, While I sat there and Watched those hearings, and the many families of Flint
who took buses to get there.  I thought that it was May 18th, 1973 again. And instead of
a Flint Hearing, you would think that you were watching The Watergate Hearings. It was
a Crime that was committed then and it is a Crime that has been committed now.  And who knows out of this Flint Tragedy, We may end up with Our Own Deep Throat

   And now after not doing Anything, no digging no work at all.  After first promising to  start the digging of the pipes, and then stating that he rather wait to get experts to research the matter...
after all of that, because of Mayor Karen Weaver's Pushing and Putting Gov. Snyder out on
front Street,  Now Gov. Snyder is going to cough up a measly Two Million
Dollars to start digging, which will help a few hundred households.  That's Why we must
keep Marching, Keep Fighting and Keep Praying.  In the past week, I have heard a few folk say on
the radio locally  that, They believe that Gov. Snyder feels bad about Everything.  And that it
is No Way that he did this on purpose because he has Great Ambitions for his Political Career.   But to this one  Blogger and to others who agree,  You cannot base  your opinion of Gov. Snyder not doing this on purpose based on his ambitions. For he still could have did it on purpose,
 He just probably didn't think that he would get caught.

 So as I conclude, People Listen up.  Through All of The Marches, The Petitions for Recall
and The Shout for Snyder's Resignation....Let's not Forget this One important thing..."Prayer"!.
Yes, Prayer.  We and Church Folks alike make the same mistake over and over again, when  we ask everybody for help, But God!  Okay, Gov. Rick Snyder Must Go. But have you thought about who will come after him?  It could be somebody Worst.   No, Everyone in The State of Michigan who
Cares about Each Other, Human Rights and Justice for All of  God's Children (His Babies and Adults).  All of us Must get down on our knees, go before God and ask "Him" to send us a
New Governor. Ask God to Choose His Man or Woman who will hear Him and be Good for the
People in Flint, Michigan, Detroit and The Entire State.  And Everybody across this nation, Check Your Water Out. Don't wait for something to happen. So Let's  Stay, Vigilant, Stay Informed and Look Out for one another.  And then we have to Stand Up,  Fight, ad Make Sure... that We Pray!

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