Sunday, March 29, 2015


Blessings, Happy/Blessed Palms Sunday! I have not been with you for a While, and Today's Blog may be a little Controversial, but it is Real and it Must be dealt with. How many times in our society, have we heard about stories of rape and incest among the family? Incest that might have taken place as a child but has now come to fester and cause harm in the victims adult life. And just like in Joyce Meyers case, when the child told the parent or responsible guardian of the act, The Parent turns their head, accuse them of lying, or somehow made them think that it had to be their Fault. And what happens?...that child feels like they just got raped all over again. But as bad as The rape or molestation was, not being believed or getting help when Uncle or Aunt so and so raped or touched them inappropriately is Worst. And all anyone cared about was keeping the family name... But let's go outside of the house. Let's go to The Church. When all of those awful charges came out about the Catholic Priest who either raped or had inappropriate behavior with an Altar boy, or child, I charged my denomination not to smirk. For I told them, don't you dare laugh about this. Because You know what You are doing. And just like for the Catholic Church, your mess will come out soon. The Elephant is in The Room. You know, it hurts to have someone very, very close to you to tell you in their adult Life, that an uncle molested them when they were a child. And even though You Never Denied that it happened, it still feels bad when in hind site you realize that the warning signs were all there, but you just did not see it. And then to find out, that the person that they dearly loved was told, but nothing was done...That Hurts..It Really Hurts! Well, How about that Young Child, Adult, Male or Female or preacher in the church who went to that Bishop, or Leader and told them that Pastor so and so, or Deacon, Steward, or Sis. Evangelist so and so, touched them where they should not have, or had sex with them, and that Leader did Nothing?! How about Those same young victims running to their parents and telling them about the offences of a Pastor, or Deacon etc...And when they did, they were told that they were Lying and that Pastor So and So would Never do that, And Don't You Repeat this! But The Church Knew, just like other family members knew about cousin Pooky and them. But it was just The Elephant in The Room. And then there is The Cooperate World...( Oh excuse Me, sometimes you cannot tell the difference between the Corporate world and the Church)...Anyway, How many sexual harassment cases or Racial Discrimination Cases got swept under the rug. or The Victims in the office, were afraid to speak up because of backlash or they knew that the CEO's wouldn't believe them? But The Office Knew...It's The Elephant in the room. And then there are preachers, preachers who are going through their own hell, not from anything that they have done, but from the stress of pastoring, the church members from hell and just being overwhelmed. And when they go to their leaders, they are ignored or brushed off. Just Get that Budget in, they are told. and so no help is given. And then when you hear about the Suicide of preachers and The deaths of young preachers due to heart attacks or a stroke. What do folk say?...oh that was too bad about Rev. So and So...But No one wants to address the Real Problem. Again, it's that Big Elephant in The Room. And Baby, That Elephant has got to Go!!! Enough is Enough! So on this Palms Sunday and Holy Week, Let's Stand Up and Fight for those who have been victims in and out of the Church. Let's Stand up and back up those who you know that Corporate Bosses have illegally and immorally did your co-workers Wrong. Let's Make our Episcopal Leaders Listen to their preachers and give them the help that they need...Now! No More Sweeping it under the rug. From The Catholic Church to The Church of God in Christ, A.M.E. and More. The Abuse, The Denial, The Passing of The Buck has got to Stop! And to those of you who are in Charge, You might have turned your back when your Son or Daughter in the Ministry who highly Respected and Loved you, came to you for help, But When you Face God...(And You Will).. What do You think that God is Going to Say?! Black Lives Matter, Preachers Lives Matter, Your Congregations Matter, Our Babies Matter! And as I Close, I have to wonder, Would that CEO, have not turned their head to that Supervisor, Director or Boss's Mis-Conduct if they weren't bringing the Money or the Best Clients in? Would that Pastor or Church Leader have been Prosecuted and taken down, if Their Church wasn't Paying their Budget on Time? What's Your excuse? And Parents...Listen to your Children. And Listen People, You Must Listen to The Holy Ghost. Because He is speaking. And Judgement Day will Come. Repentance Must Come All across our Families, Our Corporations and Especially in Our Churches Now! So, let's All get together and Kick that Elephant out of The Room. For We Must, Pray, Stand Up and Fight! And to those who have gone through or who are going through Preacher Burn out. For those who were abused and found no help. Healing is in the room. Just like someone real dear to me, you too can sit down with God, and ask him to Search yourself. For even as we go through, there is always a lesson for us to learn. And when God has His hands on You.. All that you have gone through will be to "His" Glory and So that You can help Somebody Else. For The devil Will Not have No Victory! Amen?. And There is a Book that will be coming out around April 1st, 2015, that may help you. It's entitled: "REBUILD" by Rev. Dr. Marcus A. Cylar-You can go to and Get a Copy. For We were Hurt, But Now...We can be Restored, Healed and Set Free!! Blessings PastorD