Thursday, January 21, 2016

"A BRIDGE... OVER TROUBLED WATERS" ( The Disaster in Flint, Michigan)

It was a Afternoon in July of 2015, and a member of one of our A.M.E. Churches in
Flint, Michigan ( Who is like Family), started telling me about the foul smell and taste in
the water. And on top of that they were being over charged on their water bills. And it turned out
that what they were paying  a whole lot of money for was......  "Poison".  When my kids were
younger, getting a blood test for lead was a norm.  In Detroit, a lot of the old houses were not under the new regulations and so they had walls full of lead paint. And children would sometimes
eat falling paint chips....( Um....I wonder how long did they know that lead was heavy in the houses
in Detroit, before they warned the parents....specifically, poor families of color?)

Lead Poisoning is a Serious and sometimes a fatal condition. It occurs when lead builds up in the
body. Lead is a highly toxic metal and a very strong poison. It is usually found in based paints....walls
of old houses and toys and now water.  It is dangerous in Adults and it is more dangerous in children.
The effects include muscle coordination and brain damage. And it can be Permanent.

 Now let's see, who are the players in this?: There were several Emergency Managers....Yes, Emergency Managers were appointed to make decisions for the people in Flint. You see the
mayor no longer had power. And  the residents had no power. Some of them were Ed Kutz
and the most recent one was Darnell Early and Michael Brown. Darnell Early was also The EM
for The Detroit Public Schools and that is a Total Mess!  Everyone is pointing fingers at each other.
The former mayor, Dayne Walling, is definitely trying to keep his name out of the mix.
Mr. Early said that it wasn't his fault. And the City Council said nobody told them anything. And what did The EPA Know?
And if you think that this whole thing wasn't a plan of Governor Snyder's...I give you Exhibit A..The City of Detroit, Kevin Orr, Pontiac, and Highland Park. All of it has his DNA on it. You decide.  And on the note of Snyder..Let me  thank a few people for making sure that he got in as Governor in 2010.
1. All of the people in Michigan who did not get out and vote, especially in Detroit. 2. The Black pastors who had
walking around money and  who told their congregation to vote for Snyder, because he was going
 to give out jobs.  Listen Folks, "Common Sense 101", Reinventing Michigan did not mean Jobs, it
meant changing things the way that you use to know it.  Like The City Workers in Detroit who  lost
a big portion of their pension. So now we have a new mayor in Flint.  Her name is Mayor Karen Weaver.  She is a member of The A.M.E. Church.  And her sister is an A.M.E. Minister.  She has a long road ahead,  but God will Lead her. So, no more Lies and no more Covering up the Truth. No more calling Rev. Mona Hanna-Attisha Crazy because way back she told The Governor's people  the truth about the water and they didn't want to listen. And We want All.......Of The emails released, not just  a chosen few. So many questions, the deaths of Legionnaires Disease and the many many  cases in and around Flint, how is it related to this no good lead infested water?  For the lead itself has damaged thousands of adults and thousands of kids.

Around September of 2015 after hearing these awful stories,  I Contacted Rachel Maddow from MSNBC  and I begged her to investigate the Flint situation.  And now because of her, things are Wide Opened! This has gone international. ( Now I know that I could not of been the
only one who contacted Rachel...But I am sure Glad that I Did!). And we Thank you Rachel and Your Staff So Very Much!  And I Thank God for Your Passion for The People!
Rachel Maddow and Rev. Al Sharpton made sure years ago, that Detroiters found out what Snyder and The Emergency Manager were up to  in Detroit and in The Detroit Public Schools way before the local media said anything. They act like they're scared or something.  Just like in this Flint situation. And Thank You President Obama for Stepping in and for Caring! And I Pray that you will get Attorney General Loretta Lynch involved as we continue to search for Justice and The Truth. And Listen, a  EPA Director has now resigned.....Um, The Plot Thickens. And I cannot believe the republicans in the State of Michigan who are saying that we are blowing this all
out of proportion. How Dare You!!  And then for Governor Snyder to say that he will bathe
 his grandkids in the water in Flint shows that he is not taking this whole thing seriously, and that he is Not Sorry!
And Listen, if  General Motors pulled out of Flint because the water was destroying their cars...
what in the heck did you think that it would do to a Human Being!? Especially an Infant Human
 Being! So while we wait for more emails and truth's,  Let's All get together and continue to be Vigilant.   Black Lives Matter Muslim Lives Matter, Flint Lives Matter!
 And we do not know how many other Flint, Michigan's there is out there.
So Please get Tested. My Son 'n Love pastored a major A.M.E. church in Flint, Michigan  in 2013. And  him, my daughter and grandbaby's need to be tested as well. So Learn from this. Pray Before you Vote...And then make Sure that You Vote!!  Get on your knees and roll up your sleeves. Keep going until the work is done.  So Baby, Let's do it.  Let's Pray, Stand up and Fight. Because The Real Bridge Over Our Troubled Waters.....Is Jesus Christ!!