Monday, April 27, 2015


Goodmorning, Today is Monday, April 27th, 2015. And as I promised myself, today will be the first of weekly blogs for the consumer. It is called: "Consumers Corner" It will be one day a week addressing concerns of consumers in the stores, doctor offices, car dealers and the like. It is important that not only should we know our rights, but we should also stay informed and use the wisdom that God has given us. Starting at the age of 11 following my mother's footsteps, the (late Birdtrice J. Smith)...Consumer Rights was one of my fights. In these blogs we will talk about your right to be treated with respect as a customer/patient. But it will also remind us that to get respect, we too Must be respectful. So stay tuned. Today's Consumer Corner is below: God Bless You. "THERE'S SOMETHING SMELLING...IN DENMARK" When you enter your grocery store, what greets you first, a greeter or the smell from the back of the store? Do not be fooled, a Dead Cow or Chicken should not be the one to meet you as soon as you walk in. Just like urine should not meet you on your way in the door when you visit a loved one in a nursing home. Do Not put up with that. Please go immediately to that store manager or director and address it peacefully. It is very important to develop a relationship with the management of the store that you frequent. And if a peaceful conversation does not work, go to the next step, go to the corporation who owns the store. No help there?...Then go to: and file a complaint. No one should have to put up with bad food, and a dirty store. That's Your Money that you are putting into that store. That's Your family who you are feeding from that store. And if when you do address the manager, don't fall for no quick answers like somebody spilled something in the back. Speak up. And let me close with this. I see this a lot in the inner cities. For you may have a store that may be the only store within miles of your home, and I have walked in these stores and have saw filth. Do not let them think that because your choices are slim that you have to deal with that mess.. Report them! You are the consumer...You are the boss! And to those Large Chains like Kroger, Meijer Spartan Stores and the like...I am watching You. when I pick up a pack of chicken or pork chops, I should not have to see old dried blood, or a meat shelf that looks like it has not been cleaned in years. And guess what?...It Smells! You better get your act together! My four and two year old granddaughters can do a better job of cleaning that up! So, is something smelling in Denmark at your store? Demand a Clean up, Report it, and if to no avail..Shut it Down!. And Never Shop there again until it's Fixed! Blessings, PastorD

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Here we go again, without knowing all of the facts, it appears that we are now dealing with another senseless death at the hand of the police. This time it was in The City of Baltimore Maryland. And this man Mr. Freddie Gray did not die by a gunshot. As a matter of fact, how he died is still a mystery. It was a week after he was hospitalized that Mr. Gray died from a Severe Brain Spinal injury. But how did that happened? And why was he arrested and dragged to a Police Van, Moaning in the first place? So while We say after Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Mr.Dent in Michigan and Others that Enough is Enough, And while the investigation is in process, I have one Question to ask....... "Who The Heck..Are You?! The People who have been protesting peacefully in Baltimore, I am praying for you, and keep on protesting. But to the ones who are causing Violence..Who are You? And where did you come from? Do you even know Mr. Gray, Michael Brown or the others? Do you even care about what happened to them or to their grieving families? My Answer..probably not. It's ashame, but just like in Ferguson, St. Louis, La, New york and The Like...You Probably don't know Nothing!! You see, it's folk like these who give good citizens a bad name. Like those racist cops give good cops a bad name as well. I can almost guarantee you that the trouble makers do not have any ties with the community or even care about the community. What was your social activism before this? you know, Michael Brown etc.? Do you Vote? Do even know how to vote? Where were you when the folk in the grass root community were getting their tail whooped, by lies and abuse just to fight for your rights?..Uh! Where were you? Well on this day, April 26th, 2015, you better Listen up. You see, you have No respect for the community, the grieving families and obviously No respect for yourself. So You need to leave, get back on the bus, and get the heck out of the way. Because You are "In The Way"!! And let me say this.. to those of you Brothers and Sitas ( And even a few folks from the Caucasian persuasion )..who have taken money from some groups/corporation that means no one any good, and who have put you on the bus just to start the riots and the fights....Watch Out, God Knows Who You are! And He knows who Sent You. It's Judgment Day Baby, and your day is about to come! Oh and listen, I am not talking about justice coming from the courts you understand, I am talking about the wheels of justice from a Mighty God. He is about to Deal with You!! Enough is Enough!! So let the righteous and the true fighters of justice continue the fight through peace, prayer and your vote. And do not let folks like theses distractors and those who are profiting off of them, Stop You! So Please Continue to Pray, Stand Up And Fight...In Peace! Blessings PastorD