Thursday, May 22, 2014

"WILL THE REAL RACIST......PLEASE STAND UP!?"...( The Revelation of The Racist on The Down Low)

About a Few Weeks ago in April, 2014, Right in The Middle of The NBA Playoff's, There was Breaking News..A Tape had Revealed that Donald Sterling, The Owner of The LA Clippers Made Racist Statements about Black People. Statements that was Recorded in Secret by his then Girlfriend V. Stiviano. Ms. Stiviano is of Mexican and Black Decent. Reportedly, he said some Very Low ,Ugly Degrading Things! Apparently this all got started after she took a picture with NBA Legend Magic Johnson. As a matter fact, Just Recently, He said some Very Low Cut Cruel things about Magic Johnson in the Midst of his So-Called Apology! Well, The Pressure was on. And The NBA Players Stood Their Ground. And Between The Players, Fans and The Sponsors Pulling out on The Clippers...Commissioner Silver Banned Sterling from The Clippers and from Appearing at Any NBA Games. He was Fined Two Million Dollars, and He was told to Give up The Clippers. People Say, that Two Million Dollars Was Nothing for him. But Donald Sterling Let it Be Known that he was Not going to Pay Nothing, and that he was not going to Give Up Nothing!! It's All Now in the hands of the Owners.. and God! What Really Amazed me about this whole thing, is The Players. The Retired and Current Players. In Press Conferences and The Like, You did not just see a Bunch of Rich NBA Players, with that "I got Mine's You Get Yours".. Mentality, but these were Business Men, Politicians, Community Leaders and I Was Proud of Them! And Magic Johnson could have really acted out.... but under the circumstances, I Think that he did Well!! Now, The Word around the Media and on The Streets with The White Picket Fence is....."What Someone says in Private Should Not be Used against them" But let me make this Clear.....Yes, People have The Right to Privacy....But How You Think and How You Feel about Folks Becomes My Business When You are a Corporation, And You Employ those Same Minorities that You Think are Lower than a Dog!! It becomes My Business When My Patronizing Certain Entities is Paying for The Business that You have and is Paying Your Salary! But as I Close, Let's Talk about Something Else...Donald Sterling was not The First Racist to be Found out, Nor will he be The Last. Remember The Congressman Who Lost his job?...And Paula Deen...She is Still Trying to get her Job Back. But at Least They Tried to Fake an Apology. No, Since Barack Obama became President of The United States.... Racism have Come Out of The Woodwork. Kids are Starving, The Unemployed are about to go Homeless, and Health Care for All does Not exist in Some States, All Because Racist Folks Don't Want to Allow Anything to be Done, that Will Help this Black Man Look Good!!! So, My Question For You Today is....Will The Real Racist...Stand Up?"...Really, Who Will Be Next? Someone who anchors Your Local News?.....Your Mayor, Congressperson. Or How about The Doctors that You have Been Seeing for Years? or What about The Preacher in The Pulpit?...Please Do Not Be Surprised!! And Listen, this type of Hate is Not Isolated to Whites, Tea Partier's or Republicans. But,Racist Comes in All Sizes and All Colors. But at The End of The Day, it's Wrong..It's from the devil and it is Demonic. And God is Not Pleased!!! So, We All Need to Check Ourselves to Make Sure that We are Not a Racist...."On The Down Low"!!! Let's Make Sure that We are Not Teaching Our Babies to Hate by Using Sublingual Messages!!! God Comes to Search The Heart and in These Last of The Last Days...We All May Need to Repent and to Make Sure that We Can Stand Before The Lord!...And After We have Searched ourselves and Repented.......Hold On....For God has Something for All of The Donald Sterling's of The World... He has Judgement for All of The Legislators who Refuse to Help The Poor or The Working Poor Because They Hate a Black President. Yes, We Must Continue to Fight and Speak Out against this Type of Hate...But Know This...That Vengeance is Mines...Sayeth The Lord, and to The Kochs and The Like.....You Better Know that, Proverbs 21: 13 is Now Coming to Past....."Those that Stop Their Ears Against The Cry of The Poor Will One Day Cry Themselves and WILL NOT BE HEARD!!!!! So, Let's Continue to "Pray, Stand Up and Fight"!!! Blessings, PastorD

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