Friday, May 30, 2014


Here we are, in The Middle of Spring and June is Almost here. And in a few months, we will be facing another Mid-Term Election. So Folks....How are you doing?....Are You Angry, Upset, Tired?..Are You Mad Enough to....Vote?!! You Know we talk about history. And Yes, history is repeating itself with all of the bigotry, sexism and the like. But in this last year, this country has Made History!!! People, we are Now at a New Low! The Republicans and the Scared Democrats are going to let your babies die from the lack of Good Health Care. and they do not care if they are under educated, or too weak from the lack of Good Nutrients to Notice. No, They want the Toddlers and the Infants to feed themselves, clothed themselves and to pick themselves up by their own Boot Straps, and they are not even old enough to buy Any Boots!!! Now Listen, I am not for Abortion. This is Something that I Do Not Believe in. But, how do you explain not allowing a woman to make a decision to terminate a pregnancy, even in the case of a rape or health issues. But in the same breath you deny their baby, Food and Good Health Care by misquoting the Bible saying...If A Man Don't Work..They Don't Eat!.....Really?!!! ( And by the why, since you love to quote that scripture so much, why don't you look at yourselves in the mirror. Because Most of you Republicans and your Uncaring Colleagues have Not Done Any Work!!!)... And they are doing this all while they try to keep women in The 1940's Legislating All up in their Playtex Drawers! So, Yeah, I'm Mad. I am definitely Mad Too! But, what are we going to do about it? Well, Let's See. In 2010, The Democrats and a lot of folks were So Laid Back and so caught up in The "Obama Won the Presidency Euphoria", that We Stayed Home. And what did we get? We got A Republican House, a Barely made it Democratic Senate ( With Some Democrats who were actually Republicans on the Down Low), and a whole bunch of uncaring, cold hearted Republican Governors. Just ask the folks in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Yes...We are going to have to get Our Behinds Out to The Polls like it's 2012!!! Now You can Call in all that you want to on the talk radio shows, But we have to Pray, and put some action in Our Prayers, and Vote! You see, We should have learned by now, that having a Democrat President who Does Care, will not matter when you have a legislative majority that continues to Repeat.... "Just Say No!" No, We are going to have to get Out and Vote in this Mid-Term Election like your Life Depends On it! And to All of You Scared Democrats who care more about winning the election than about the people that you work for...You Better Watch Out! We Know who You are. You have been Hiding and Running away from The Affordable Health Care Act, like the Disciples did when Jesus was No Longer Popular but was Crucified for Doing what was Right!! Our Message to You is...We Will Remember you this Election. You know, Maybe you Do Need to Lose the Seat that You have so Fearfully Tried to hold on To! ( Out here trying to Save your life and Lose Your Own Soul!!!).....You Don't Care about Our Babies, Women, The Poor and The Working Poor... You Just Care about Yourself!! And You Need to go Somewhere Repent and Apologize to Your Constituents Because We will Remember You!! And as I Close, let me touch on a Very Sensitive Note: For All of You who have Not Voted for Years because You Don't Know how or because You Cannot Read....Please Don't be a shame! But Find someone that You can Trust and ask them to help You. And then Ask God to send you Someone who will help You to Learn how to Read!! Listen, The Shame is Not in You Not Knowing How to Read. But, The Shame is in You Not Getting Some Help when it is Available to You!! So, Get Mad...And Be Determined that Nothing, or Nobody is going to Stop You from Exercising Your "RIGHT" to Vote!! And Please Don't Listen to The Folks who say that Your Vote Don't Count Anyway...For They are The Ones Who Do Not Vote in The First Place!! And They are The First Ones to get in a Line to Get Something! And Listen, My Vote Does Count. And I Make Sure that it Does!! For, Besides Praying.... After The Election I Stay in The Face via email, Phone Call or Whatever to Make Sure that Those that are Elected Do What's Right. Understanding that Sometimes what God May Tell them to do, May Not Be what I Want to Be Done!! So Wake Up Everybody! Put this Election Under The Blood of Jesus! Pray for Our Leaders. And Pray for This Election. And ask God to Have "His" Way. For He Don't want to see His Children out Here Hungry, Homeless or His Seed Begging for a Piece of Bread!! So Are You Angry, Tired, and Disgusted!?...Then Get Up, Stand Up and Vote, Vote, Pray...And Vote!!! Blessings PastorD

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