Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Do You Mean.....Mr. Gingrich....Poor Children Have No Work Ethic?!

Greetings Everyone,

  As We Come Closer to The Time of Celebration Of The Life and Birth of Jesus Christ...This is Also a Time to Reflect on Our Lives. But, in Our Time of Reflection and Celebrating, We had to Hear the Ignorance of Former Republican House Speaker, Now Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich!  And it's   ashame because  he is not Alone.  A Black Man by the Name of Herman Cain Probably come from that Same Paradigm...Black/Poor Children Have No Work Ethic?????  Poor Children Probably have More Work Ethic that The Rest of the Youth in This Country!  I have Worked in the Community Since I was a Child.  And The Black/Poor Children that I have Worked with and Lived in the Neighborhood with...Have No Problem Trying to Make a Buck....Legally!!!

    Here in The Detroit Area, I Cannot Tell You How many Times when Snow Hits The Ground..That a Seven or Eight year Old, Kid Would be Knocking at My Door, Very Early in The Morning, with a Shovel in His Hands, Ready to Work!  Or The Young Little Middle-Poor Class Boys who would be at The Door with an Old Lawn Mower Ready to Cut Your Grass in the Blazing Sun.  And Baby, They Do a Great Job Too!!!! So, Don't Tell me Mr. Gingrich about Something that You Know Nothing About!!!  And in My Community Leadership Experience by  the Way, I have also come upon Mothers and Parents who Can't get Their Upper Middle Class Children to even Pick up a Piece of Paper more Less Mop a Floor, Shovel The Snow or Cut the Grass.  How Dare You use a Ignorant Racial Broad Brush to Describe these Young Children!  Mr. Scrooge Gingrich, You Better Be Careful Who You are Trying to Appease. Because You Reap What You Sow!  And Your Words...( Which are Many)...Will Come back to Haunt You!  And One Day if God Allows..... Those Poor, Un Work Ethic Children will One Day Own a Business or Corporation that You are going to Need Help From!  Merry "Christ:-Mas Mr. Gingrich.  I Pray that You get To Know..Him..Jesus Christ that is..Not a Religion!! Just What Do Mean?......I Bet That You Have No Idea!!!!!


Pastor D


  1. All so very true. It's funny how a political ideology predicated so much on faith and devout Christianity so consistently speaks and acts to the contrary. Gingrich's comments are so indicative of his life, which has not at all been an positive witness for Jesus. How can any person who professes Christ believe such foolishness? Anyone who calls him/herself a Christian but subscribes to an ideology that says you're poor because you don't know how to work is not much of a Christian at all.