Sunday, April 29, 2012


Here We are, Just at The Door Steps of May, 2012.  And What have We Learned?  Today is The 20th, Anniversary of The Beating of Rodney King, a Black Man who was Almost Beaten to Death for a Traffic Stop by The Los Angles Police.  Whether he was Intoxicated or Not, The Punishment Did Not Match The So Called Crime!! Rodney King, has Now Experienced Flashbacks of that night, because of the Shooting Death of 17 Year Old Trayvon Martin.  A Young Black Teen  not Beatened by The Police in Florida, but Shot to death by George Zimmerman.  Even in Death Trayvon Martin has Faced  Injustice, and Racial Profiling.  George Zimmerman Shot Trayvon because he fit the Profile of those who have Supposedly Caused Recent Crimes in That Gated  Community. Mr.  Zimmerman, a Self Proclaimed Neighborhood Watch Captain...( a White Hispanic)..was On his Way to The Store when He Noticed Trayvon.......Man!...You Should have Just Went to The Store!!!!  For it was The Store, a 711 that Trayvon was Coming from on his way home.  He had just Purchased a Can of Arizona Ice tea and Some Skittles for his Younger Brother.. Their Plan of crime for The Evening... was Just to Enjoy Watching the NBA All star Game on TV that Night.  Trayvon's Mother Sabrina Fulton and Father Tracy are in So Much Pain, and They Want Justice!!!

Even though after Almost Two Months, George Zimmerman was Finally Arrested, it Seems like Justice is Not Moving as They Hoped!!  This Crime is Not The First Profiling Crime of a Black Man or Minority, but It has Awakened a Fight in All of God's People, Regardless of Race!! Trayvon Could Have Been Any body's Child!!

So I Say this to You...Besides Having a Relationship with an Almighty God, and Having Him On Our Side...
Out here in this World...It's JUST..."US".. And We have got to Come Together!! Praise God for The People Young and Old and of Every Race who has Come Together and Marched, Signed Petitions and have and are Still Fighting for Justice! But While You are Holding that Sign with One Hand, Get a Voters Registration Card, Signed by You in Another!  Yes, We have to Vote!! And The Haters and Racist of the GOP Party and the like, want to make it harder for You to Vote, Especially the Young and Old... But God is Going to Step in and Let them Fall into their Own Traps!...So While God is Working...If they Want Two Pieces of Identification or Whatever...Get Them Now!!! If A Senior Can't Read, and Need help to Vote..Help Them!! Even though You Know that They have Closed Down Voting Locations just So You Can't Get There...Get a Car Pool Together Now...And Get There!!!  Be a Step ahead of The Enemy,While God Takes Care of Business.  Because Again,...Except for God....It's Just Us!!!!!

  After I Became Aware of the Death of Trayvon Martin.  And The Story Behind it, I Started Wearing My Hoodie and I Have been Wearing a Bag of Skittles on My Coat. There are Stores in the Suburb of Detroit of Which I Frequent.   I am a Pastor and a Community Leader.  And I have been Working in The Community Since the Age of Eleven.  But The First Day that I Put my Hoodie on, with The Hood Over My Head, The Store Clerk Got  Scared and Started to Treat Me Different until they Realized who I Was.   And Then They Were Ashamed.  But I Got to see what My Young Son's and Young Men of Color in Our Churches Go Through!  I Still Continue to Wear the Bag of Skittles, though Empty  Because it has Created a Conversation from All Races Where ever I Go.  You See, The Conversation and The Fight Must Go On!!!

And I can Wear a Hoodie, and Protest with Some Skittles All that I Want.. Because I Vote!!! And have been Voting Since the Age of 18. and I am now in my 50's!  Even when I amToo Ill  to get to the Polls..I Make Sure that My Vote Counts, So I have Earned the Right to Protest!!!  And Let Me Say this...We Do Not Need Folk like the New Black Panthers Out Here Acting like We are Living in The Old West.  You Need to Get Together with Leaders Such as Rev. Al Sharpton ...(Inspite of What You Have heard)... Who Has  Fought Against Black on Black Crime or Crime in The Hood.  Use Your Energy and Your $10.000.00 On That!!!!  We have got to Respect Ourselves and Respect Each Other....First!!!  And I Will Never Justify a George Zimmerman Shooting Down a Young Unarmed Teenager, but if We are to be Honest....Young Trayvon Took the Bullet for All of those Young Men..( Some in Hoodies of Color,)..Who "Do" Break into  Houses in Our Community and  "Has" Done The Crime!  And You Need to Repent Before a Mighty God, and Apologize to Sabrina Fulton, and Others!!!

     So as We Remember the Beating of Rodney King 20 Years Ago..Let's Remember to Pray, Vote and to Move Forward!!!  Let's Keep Our Eyes Open for The Truth Prevailing in The Trayvon Martin Case and Others like it!!  Let's Not Forget about the Other case of a Black Woman Also in Florida who Shot in Self Defense at her Husband of whom She was Leaving and who has been Allegedly Abusing her. The Stand Your Ground Law Will Not Stand Up for this Young Black Mother, and She is Facing Over 20 Years in Jail. And is Away from her Very Young Baby that She had Just Recently Gave Birth To!!  So, Let's Hold Her and Her Family up in Prayer, and Fight for Her, and Others Like Her!!! For's JUST .."US" and Through God ,We  Must Come Together as One to Make Sure that Trayvon Martin's Case Proceeds Correctly, Because There Must be...Must be..."Justice For All!!!!!"

Be Blessed


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  1. We know the tactics of the left; their opinions and intentions are very clear and not even covert anymore, like they used to be. What you say is so true, though, in that we can't wait for anyone to do anything for us or give us what we think we deserve. The only recourse we have is to be proactive about our future and realize the rules of the game have changed. Whereas we used to focus all of our efforts on voter registration, we now have to mobilize team to get people the proper identification so they can vote. That's what happens when you realize it's "just us".