Sunday, July 14, 2013


Less than Eighteen Hours ago, on Saturday, July 13th, 2013 , George Zimmerman  was Found Not
Guilty by a Jury of  Six Women .  Five Caucasians and One Unknown.
Not Guilty........Really? Are You Serious?!!  Okay, 2nd Degree Murder Might, Might Have been a Small Stretch, But Manslaughter?!!....He was Absolutely Guilty of Manslaughter!!!  And The Claim of it being in "Self-Defense"?....Give Me a Break!......Anyway, Over Fifteen Hours they Deliberated.  Now,We can go into Who put on a Better Case. Like Why didn't The Prosecutors Object  to a lot
of Ugly things that The Defense Said? Or Why didn't in Cross Examination did they not have  a Better Comeback like when The White Woman talked about her home had been burglarized by a Black Teenager.
You See, The Right comeback from The Prosecutors should have been, as Some Experts Say....."Did Trayvon Martin Rob Your House??..Then if Not,  Your Testimony is Irrelevant!!!!"

   So on This Day, The Day After The Verdict What's Next?  ...Well, Baby, I'll tell you What's Next....The Fight Continues!! And I Would like for you to Look out for a few Things:  Look Out for The Possibility of: 1.   Proof After the Fact that George Zimmerman, Had the Gun in his Hands Already.  And so the issue of Trayvon  Martin Reaching All the Way in Zimmerman's Back Side  to Get his gun was a Lie.    2.  Look Out for The Witness who did not want to get involved...Not being able Rest Anymore, and Will Get Involved.   And She Will tell You Something that May Shock You.
3. Look Out for a Prosecutor, who may walk away from The State, and Pursue other options in Law, and will Tell The Real Deal Why things Seemed to Shift After The Judge would not Allow Race to be Introduced into The Trial!  4. Do Not Be Surprised, if You  Find Out, That there was Jury Tampering or Jury Threats. ( And On That Note, Don't Be Surprised if There was Some Private Members of The NRA who  Just Possibly Could have Did a Little More than Contribute Financially to The Defense Fund, and whom had Connections with One or Two of The Jurors!)

Yes, The Lies, The Cover Ups, from that Night with The Police Department to Now... Don't be Surprised of What You May Hear.  Well the fact   is that if George Zimmerman was Black, he Would  have got Arrested that Night, and Never would have been given a
chance to go home Before a Trial.  No, it would have been No Buddy, Buddy Relationships going on between The Sanford Police and um What did The Sanford Police Call him Now?......Not Mr. Zimmerman but...."George"?!  And The Humility for a  Black Teenage Young Lady,who  was Treated like a Whore in The Streets, just because She had Proof that Zimmerman was The Aggressor, was Disgraceful!   Oh Yes, This Verdict Hurts, and it Makes us Angry.  It Makes us Angry  that a Jury could Not Find Zimmerman  Guilty of Anything!!  Oh You Killed a Kid, who was just going home preparing to watch a Basketball game, and had Nothing in his Hands but an Ice Tea and Skittles, And he was Black?....Oh ,No Problem.  You are Free to Go.    But it's Not Over!  Yes, We are bringing this to The  United States  Justice Department Once again, so that Civil Rights Charges can be filed and other things. But The Real Reason   that it is Not Over is....The Word of God saids that Nothing is Hidden, and what's Done in The Dark will Come to The Light.  So, Wake up America, Because God has Just Turned  The Light Switch On!!!   And I Pray that Zimmerman will break away from his Peeps, Supporters and Contributors, and Repent Before God, Because Judgement Day is Coming. Oh No, I am not talking about when You Leave this Earth...Yes, that will Come too!  But I am Talking about the Judgement for him that is Coming on This Earth, Real Soon.  And Because God Saw Every Single thing that Happened that Night
......Mr. George  Zimmerman will Now have to enter "The County
Courthouse of Jesus Christ" ,Right Here and Right Now!!!..Mr. Zimmerman You said that This was God's Plan, To Kill an Un Armed 17 Year Old Young Man.   Well, When You enter that Courthouse  of Jesus Christ...I Believe that You will Soon Find Out Different!.  Yes,  Justice For All??...Well.Maybe Not Just Yet. But for Trayvon Benjamin Martin and for Others to Come..., The Fight Will and Must  Continue!!  It Must  Continue through Our Walk, Our Talk, Our Vote and Through Our Prayers!   To God Be The Glory!!


  1. Great! Lots of conspiracy theories there...and I'm sure they're probably all right. Well, as you know, what is done in the darkness will always come in the light!

    1. Yes, And The Theory of The Jury is Just about to Come Forth! I am Not looking for Vengeance, that's for God to Do. But I am Looking For Justice....God's Justice He can do a Better Job at it than We Can. But at The Same Time, We Need Be Prepared for Whatever it is,God will tell us to Do!!! We will Not Hear the Doubters who say that there is Not Enough Evidence for a Civil Rights Violation. Yes, There is..And Again, What's Done in The Dark Will Come to The Light!! This is Not just For Trayvon but this is for All of The Other Trayvon Martin's Traynette's and The Trayongonzales Out There, The Fight Continues.....