Saturday, April 29, 2017


Well Today is April 29th, 2017, Trump's Famous 100th Day as President of The United States.
Now Personally, even though the media had countdowns to this day Blasted on their 
Cable Tv Screen as well as other Media Outlets, I can care Less.  I Could not deal with 
his First Day. And to me, he is Not My President of The United States.  And it's not because of 
Racism, Sour Grapes or Party Differences.  It is Because Something Happened.  Something Happened that let's me and others know that this man did not get in this position
 Legally, or Morally. 
And I am Praying that this Truth will be Disclosed Real Soon, with a Whole Lot of Other Truths.  God will let The Truth  come out.  And it will come out No Matter how many  
 Fake Distractions that Mr. Trump and his folks  will  come up with!

     So 100 Days.......Puh!. But Mr. Trump being in the White house has proven what we 
already knew, and that is that Mr. Trump has some Serious Mental Issues. And  Yes, 
Saturday Night Live and other Comedians has painted a Comical Picture of his mental state. 
But this is Serious!  You see, The Truth is that Our Country and Other Countries 
could be in a lot of trouble, because of it.  And Non-Criminal Immigrants and their 
 innocent children have been living in fear since day one.  And he has proven over and over again, that he knows Nothing  and Do Not  have a heart for Health Care or for the people who needs it.  
It has been proven that he Knows nothing about Foreign Policy, or Running a Country.  But in his Mind, He Knows Everything.....And Everything is Always  about..."Him".
So on this day, I Finally started a Petition with Move that I have wanted to do 
since he supposedly won.  The Petition Saids....."Make it A Law that anyone Running 
for President of The United States Must Get a Mental Evaluation"
Please go on- all-law-that. And Sign The Petition.
Or just go on Move and Look for The Title. Just Sign Please!
( It Should be "A Law" But it May Say..."All Law")...
So People, Wake Up,  Sign this Petition now  to Prepare Ourselves for The Next Time. 
So, on this 100th Day of Trump's So Called Presidency. We May Not Know what Crazy 
imbalanced things that is  on Mr. Trump's Mind.......But for the rest of us, Please Remember
that a Mind, Your Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste.  So Get Up and Rise Up for We got 
a Lot More Work to do.  For we  Must Continue to Pray, Stand Up and Fight...Fight, Pray and Fight!!!!

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  1. Sign The Petition on Move Now!
    April 30th, 2017.