Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Is It Going To Take?!!

Praise The Lord, America!

  How was Your Weekend?  I Pray that it was a Blessed One.  And if so, Thank God for it.  But there are some people in Tuscon, Arizona Who cannot say that today.  A Precious 9 year old Child, who had Great Aspirations for Her Future, cannot say that or anything else.  When are we going to learn?  Yes, the suspect in that Awful shooting on Saturday-1-8-2011, might of had some mental issues.  But that is not always the case. Sometimes and especially lately these type of acts are from Pure Hate, Racism and Sin..  Oh Yes, I said The "S" Word.  You see We All are to be Accountable for our Own Actions. Not just folks like Sarah Palin , Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. For what We Say, How We Act, and What We teach in Our Own Households is Always going to affect Somebody Else.....We Need to  Grow Up, and cut this Hate Out!!  And the sad thing about it is, a majority of folks White, Black or whatever...don't even know why they hate some folks.  Listen, Ignorance and Bad information is Dangerous.  This Sunday, January 16th, 2011 @ 3:00p.m. Our Church will be hosting The City of Dearborn's Fourth Annual Dr.Martin Luther King Ecumenical Worship Service. Now, those of you who know anything about The City of Dearborn, Michigan know that it had to take Many , Many years before The City of Dearborn to even acknowledge the Great Man..Dr. Martin Luther King. And to be the First Black Church to Host it, since the beginning of these services in 2007, is Historical. But there is still much More Healing that needs to be done in that Community and in Detroit.  But you see, one cannot Heal unless they are aware that they are Sick. And We as a Society have a Serious illness and We Need a Saviour to Heal us.  So Yes, Folks  like Sarah Palin need to stop the Rhetoric and they need to stop creating their own facts which are putting unnecessary fear into folks.  But We too, Need to Pray, and Seek God's Face. And we need to Search Ourselves making sure that We are not the Man in the Mirror that's at fault!!  So while we Pray for the Miracle Working Power of Jesus Christ to bring Congresswoman Gifford and others through.  Let's take a minute and ask God to help us.  For what is it going to take?! You see Saturday it was Arizona, several years ago it was Colarado , then Virginia Tech, a Military Base, and an IRS Building. And if we do not come together, look out for each other and Pray...next  time it could be on Your Street.  So America, while we are so busy putting our noses down on other countries, check your ownself out. For as long as we have people living in the streets, unequal
Education for our youth.  And long as All Americans do not have   Good Affordable Health Care, We cannot say Anything about Anybody!!! So as we celebrate the Life of Dr.Martin Luther King,  Let's Come together and  Wake up.   You see, America, we need to stop saying "God Bless America", when we know we aren't right.  For what we need to do is to acknowledge that God is Real.    And in that acknowledgement, we All should Clean up Our Hearts and Clean up Our Houses, even Our Church Houses need to get Cleaned up.  And once we have have done that, then we will be able to say with a Clean Heart..."God Bless America" And as we Repent, and Love One another, We as One Nation and One People can also say...America..... "We Need to Start Blessing God!!!   And please, don't wait until the Next Tragedy or the Next Wake up Call.  But Do it Now, While We still have the Chance.  For I am going to ask you the question one more time........What Is It Going to Take?!!!-Blessings,PastorD


  1. As sad and complicated and violent as this world becomes, it is truth that our work does not change. Love the Lord, Love others.
    As i grow older in the Lord, i come to understand and appreciate Jesus so much. His examples are always simple, his point always plain and his mission always open. I pray we who are called by His name would to embrace His message and love each other as He loves us.

  2. Amen!!! What a time for All Men/Women to Cry out to God and to acknowledge who he is..He is giving us a chance, sending out a message, and warning us, because he loves us. We need to get with now. PastorD