Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 30th, Birthday Chariece!

Happy/Blessed New Years to You All!!  Today is My Baby Girl's 30th Birthday.  And this Birthday like My own Birthday causes you to Reflect on some things. My daughter is a Blessed Young Woman, who
has been there for me All of Her life. She stayed at home while she was working on her Two Degrees( From The Top Michigan Universities)...just to help me pay the bills.  And even though she was the one that everyone ran to, to get counseling since Elementary School, I didn't realize until recently that she too was dealing with Hurts and scars as a child.  Scars that she had to deal with to Adulthood. And that broke My Heart!  Still She has let God take her through the Healing Process. And through that Process She has Blessed so many by continuing to Counsel and Listen to others.  She is a Powerful Preacher, and Teacher.  Even as an adult, she has gone through trials like many of us, and have Lost Relationships with Friends that she thought would be her Friends  for life.  She definitely knows the reality that Jesus is a Friend who will stick with you closer than a Brother or a Sister!! But Still God is bringing her through.  She is a Powerful Preacher and Teacher. And is the Wife of a Powerful Anointed Pastor of God, who has been a Great Friend.  And now, God is bringing her to a New Exciting Level.  And May God get Glorified in it All!!   And I am so Proud of her! So, if you have a Child that you never got to tell how much they mean to you....  Do it Today! And I don't have a Facebook page.  But I invite any of my readers to comment on this blog, and Reflect on how special Your Child or Loved One has been in your life. Come on, let's hear about it!!  And Please, as Our Children grow up, Please pay attention to signs of pain.  Listen to them. And Remember that this is Your Child. And Protecting that Child, comes before any Family Name or Reputation!!  So "Have a Happy/Blessed 30th Birthday Chariece!!  Your Moma Loves You So Very Much-Blessings to All-PastorD

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  1. what happened to my post??? i posted a happy birthday message on your birthday Chariece. So happy birthday...again!!