Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry/Blessed Chrismas!!.....May The Giving never Stop!

Merry/Blessed christmas!!  To All of You!!  I Pray that No One Over Spent, especially on Guilt Gifts and Unecessary things.  I Pray that Someone Prayed and Thanked God for allowing you to See and Share this day with Someone.  And while the Department stores are ringing up their sales, and calculating their profits,  Please don't let the Giving stop. I Pray that No one is having a Christmas without a Roof over their head. But People still will need a roof over their head tomorrow.  I Pray that No one will have to spend Christmas without having a Nice Warm Meal.  But Adults and Children will still need to eat a Warm meal Tomorrow.  So, let The giving Continue. And If you are a church..... even if you are having it tight yourself, see who needs help in your community.  Do what you can, to help them yourself.  And then Find someone else to help where you cannot.  And even as an individual, you can still do the same thing.  And don't do it to get the Glory, But do it to The Glory of God, in Jesus Christ. For He is the Reason that We Celebrate this day.  And on Tomorrow, while you are in Church, Remember to Pray for Each other. Don't just ask to be Blessed for just yourself.  But ask God to Bless You,  So that "You" can Be a Blessing too!   And as the New Year comes in, forget about making one of those Senseless Resolutions. But ask God to help you to Be All that He wants you to be. Remember to Stand up for What is Right. And to make sure that those who work for You in Your  City, State and in Washington... Stand up for You too!!  We are Thankful for the bills that just got passed in this past week.  But The Fight Continues. And The Prayers and Love for each other must continue too!!-So,Have a "Blessed/Merry Christmas-And a Productive/Properous/Blessed New Year-Blessings-PastorD

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