Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twas Two Days Before Christmas Eve.....How Are You Doing?

Well, here it is The Wednesday before Christmas Eve night.  And I was wondering....How are you doing?  I know that this Should be a Time of Joy, Love and Laughter, especially for those who do know the Real Meaning of the Season.  But this is not always the case.  Some people have heaviness on their hearts today.  My Mom died in Feburary of 2008.  So, around Christmas of 2007, she had just come out of  the hospital after being hospitalized for the first time. And we thought that she was doing pretty Good. We enjoyed a Blessed Christmas with her, but we did  not know that she would be dead two months later. She was a Very Active anointed 73 year old, Blessed Woman of God.  So on top of Me , My Siblings and my children missing her.  Around this time of year, we are also remembering that a couple of years or so ago, we did celebrate Christmas with her, but that she also died a couple of months later. And I don't know what's laying heavy on your heart today, but I just wanted to check on you.  And it's okay, to Cry and be Angry and Discouraged, but we cannot  stay there. You know that it was months before I realized that I was a little upset with God for my Mom dying after what we thought was a short illness.  But we didn't know until after an autopsy that she had Fourth Stage Pancreatic Cancer...But Still I had to admit to God ,that I was upset with him. I Never Disrespected Him...But I had to be honest so that I could Move on. And I want All of you to be able to move on. I don't know , what's festering in your heart.  Maybe a loved one died too, maybe someone left you and broke your heart.  You might of been unjustly discharged from a job, or just lost a job due the economy.  You may have a sickness that won't go away. And if you're like me, you also may be wondering how you are going to pay your bills in January, or now for that matter.  Not because you over spent for Christmas...Please!... No, Because You just don't have enough Money. You also may be One of the 99'ers who have been denied extension of Your Unemployment benefits, And that in itself,  makes me angry! And you can't even think about Christmas Shopping.    ( And by the way..Places like The Dollar Tree are becoming more Crowded with People, who want to give with Love without going broke.)..So, don't go broke over Chritmas, it's not about that. It's about a Mighty Saviour name Jesus Christ!..But in any event, I just want You to Be Encouraged. Things will get better.  And I say this not based on any man, The Federal Reserve and the Like. But I know that God is Faithful!!  And for All of  You who are going through, and are Reading this Blog today. I Pray that God will Remind those of you who know him, that He is "Still" God, and I Pray that He will Show those who do not Know Him, that He "Is" God!!  I Pray that He will come to Your House, and Meet Your Needs, and do something for You, that No man can do. Heal You,  when the doctor has given up. And be Your Protector and Advocate, if you are being Bullied in School or on the job.   Because You know what?...Our God has it like that!!! So, as we get closer to Christmas,  fall on your knees, Praise God and ask God to help you.  And I'll ask God to help you too. And if you cannot give anyone nothing but a Hug and a Smile..... do it! ..And Lift up Your head.  Because You still have to live after December 25th, 2010. So, to All of You......Please Have a Blessed/Miracleous/ Safe Christmas!-With Love-Blessings-PastorD

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