Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pray, Stand Up and Fight

Praise The Lord, Everyone!!

   While we are out trying to get the best deals for Christmas.  Either just to impress someone or maybe, because you really care.  What else is taking up your time?   In this lame duck session.  The Republican Party and some Democrats have been allowed to Play Politics and Games with Your Lives. While you are trying to get 10% percent off.  The Congress is trying to Cut you off.  Off from Unemployment Insurance, that by the way you paid for. And They have given the Wealthiest Americans a Tax Break, with no way to pay for it. They are screaming about extending the 99'ers, Their Unemployment Benefits  and Screaming about giving Health Care and Benefits to The 911 First Responders.   Because...Oh They don't know how to pay for it! Please Folks, Do not let Other Folks make Major Decisions over your life, without you having a Say!  Get the email addresses and phone numbers of your Congressmen and Senators.  Demand that You be Heard..With Love that is.  The Rumors are flying high that when The January, 2011 Congress comes in, that The Poor and The Middle Class will not have a chance.  But you don't have to take that.  They Work for you.  Make them work, or give "Them" their Pink Slips!!  So, as we Celebrate a Great time of Love and the Birth of Jesus Christ. Remember that We All Need to Look out for each other. That God is Greater than All of them and their Low-Life Plans.  So Now is the time to come Together, Pray, Stand Up and Fight!!-Blessings-PastorD

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