Thursday, May 4, 2017


What in God's Name is Wrong with You
House Republicans? Is it Ignorance,
Hatred Against Pres. Obama,
Or Are You Just a No Good,
Money Hungry  Legislature
That Just Don't Give a Darn!
Millions of People will Lose
Health Care, including My
40 Year Old Son who has
Serious Health issues and who
Has been Walking around with
A Too Delicate to Operate
Brain Tumor for a Few Years
Now.  But as Bad as All of that
Is, It Was a Whole Lot Worst
When he did Not have Health
Insurance.  God Used The
Affordable Health Care Act
To help Save My Son's Life.
Now, he has Great Doctor's
and Great Care! And We
Personally have Thanked
God and President Obama
Over and Over Again.
So What happen to those
Five Republicans who met
With Trump and Changed their
Mind's? Did Mr. Trump Threaten
Them? Was there Blackmail in
The Air?....Uh?! And While I watched
Many Americans Cry in Hurt and Anger,
 The House Republicans were
Celebrating, Taking Pictures.
Yeah.... Go ahead and
 Take Those Pictures, Just Like They
Took Pictures Smiling and Excited
Just Before They got on The Titanic
And It Sunk. Because You Will Pay.
So U.S. Senate Republicans, Take Note:
You are going to See The Repercussion
Of What The House Did Today,   Not Just
Seeing Them Losing Seat After Seat
In 2018.  But You Will See in State After
State Constituents giving Their Congressman
and a Congresswoman a Literal Beat Down.
So Take Heed of The Warning. Do Not
Even Do a Up or Down Vote on This Bill.
Don't Do Nothing!
For You May Be Scared of Donald Trump,
Or of Losing that Seat that You Don't Deserve.
But Your Biggest Fear Should be When
You Face God. Oh Yes, and Baby...You Will. And
Everyday and Night, You are going to have
To Deal with that Man or Woman In The
So was it Worth it? Was it Worth it
Just so That Donald Trump could get
Some Sick Kind of Victory? Hear
Me Now,  This Leader has Some
Serious Mental Issues and Will Soon
Be Out of Office.  And then You
Will Be Left to deal with what
You did, All By Yourself!  And to
Both House and Senate Republicans and
Democrats, I have a Warning for
 You, Proverbs 21:13 Saids that
"Those that Stop  Their
Ears Against The Cry of The Poor
Will One Day Cry Themselves and Will
Not Be Heard"......People, Pay Day is
Coming! God Will Not be Mocked, You Will
Reap what You Sowed. So You Better
Pray that Jimmy Kimble's Testimony
Will Not  Come Down Your Street. Maybe
Not The Same Way, But I Promise  You..
It's Coming!  So, it's  Time to Repent,
Pray, Stand Up......And Fight!
Pastor D

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Well Today is April 29th, 2017, Trump's Famous 100th Day as President of The United States.
Now Personally, even though the media had countdowns to this day Blasted on their 
Cable Tv Screen as well as other Media Outlets, I can care Less.  I Could not deal with 
his First Day. And to me, he is Not My President of The United States.  And it's not because of 
Racism, Sour Grapes or Party Differences.  It is Because Something Happened.  Something Happened that let's me and others know that this man did not get in this position
 Legally, or Morally. 
And I am Praying that this Truth will be Disclosed Real Soon, with a Whole Lot of Other Truths.  God will let The Truth  come out.  And it will come out No Matter how many  
 Fake Distractions that Mr. Trump and his folks  will  come up with!

     So 100 Days.......Puh!. But Mr. Trump being in the White house has proven what we 
already knew, and that is that Mr. Trump has some Serious Mental Issues. And  Yes, 
Saturday Night Live and other Comedians has painted a Comical Picture of his mental state. 
But this is Serious!  You see, The Truth is that Our Country and Other Countries 
could be in a lot of trouble, because of it.  And Non-Criminal Immigrants and their 
 innocent children have been living in fear since day one.  And he has proven over and over again, that he knows Nothing  and Do Not  have a heart for Health Care or for the people who needs it.  
It has been proven that he Knows nothing about Foreign Policy, or Running a Country.  But in his Mind, He Knows Everything.....And Everything is Always  about..."Him".
So on this day, I Finally started a Petition with Move that I have wanted to do 
since he supposedly won.  The Petition Saids....."Make it A Law that anyone Running 
for President of The United States Must Get a Mental Evaluation"
Please go on- all-law-that. And Sign The Petition.
Or just go on Move and Look for The Title. Just Sign Please!
( It Should be "A Law" But it May Say..."All Law")...
So People, Wake Up,  Sign this Petition now  to Prepare Ourselves for The Next Time. 
So, on this 100th Day of Trump's So Called Presidency. We May Not Know what Crazy 
imbalanced things that is  on Mr. Trump's Mind.......But for the rest of us, Please Remember
that a Mind, Your Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste.  So Get Up and Rise Up for We got 
a Lot More Work to do.  For we  Must Continue to Pray, Stand Up and Fight...Fight, Pray and Fight!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Well, Well, We are only in about
Fifty Three days into
The So Called Presidency of
Donald Trump.  And More
and More things that we Suspected
about Trump, Russia and
Lies Continue to Manifest
Itself.  So The Latest is
Rachel Maddow's Revelation
Of Donald Trumps 2005
Tax Return.....A Whole Two
Pages.  Rachel of Msnbc is
an Excellent Journalist and is
Very Thorough in her
Investigations.  She Also
Cares.  I Believe that The
Folk in Flint, Michigan
Could Verify that.  But Like
I mentioned to Rachel this
Morning via email,  Do Not
Get too Caught up in that
Tax Return.  It could  be
a Diversion.  Throwing The
Dog a Bone in Other Words.
You See, While the dog is going for
The Bone, he misses the intruder
Who is sneaking in the back
Door that means to do More
Harm than one could ever
Imagine.  Don't You hear
The Dog Barking?.  Media,
Wise Praying Residents
Of this Country....Somebody
Needs to Stand Guard, 24/7.
For  The Real Truth, The Real
Danger, The Real Story is
Sneaking in The Back Door
as We Speak.  Congresswoman
Maxine Waters and Congressman
 John Conyers and The
Like, Keep on Probing, Keep
On Pressing for The Truth.
But to The Rest of You Democrats
Who has been sitting back
Doing Nothing and seeing
Which way the wind is going
To Blow.  To Those in The
DNC, who have forgotten
That you work for us, while
You are So busy playing
Kissy face because you are
Afraid of Losing Your Seat....
....Wake Up, for you have Already
Lost that seat.  We are Lining
Up Many, Community Organizing
Young People Who has
Integrity and who will be Taking
Your Place in 2018.  Now
Listen, On this day March
15th, 2017, You May have
Another Chance to Fix
Things.  God is about to
Hand You a Basket Full of
Truth and Evidence of a
Corrupt Administration
Called Trumpville.  Do Not
Blow This Opportunity.
Do Your Job! Listen,
I hear the doors of The
Dog Kennel Opening.
Which Side will You be on,
In The Dog House or Out?!
The Barking Dog is Saying
Pull Up Your Sleeves and
Fight. For at this Moment,
My Granddaughter Candace
Who Turned 6 Years Old
Today, can do a Much
Better Job than You can.
So to Every Registered
 Voter Out there,
Do Your job too, Before you
Find Yourself Living "Under"
The Dog House with No
Food and No Health Insurance.
And I said it Before and I'll
Keep saying it.  We have to
Repent, Continue to Pray and Stand Up
And Fight Like Never Before!
March 15th, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017


Happy/Blessed New Years!
Congressman John Lewis!....You Go Man!
You have Always Been a Man of Integrity.
And After All  You have been
Through in Your Fight for Civil
Rights, You have Never Lost
Your Back Bone! Yes, this is the
Most Craziest, Illegally, International
Law Breaking Election that We
Have Ever Experienced in Our
Life Time. Donald Trump is
"Scheduled" to be inaugurated
as  The Next President of The
United States on January 20th,
2017. And Congressman Lewis
Let it be known that he will
Not be a Legitimate President
And that You can Have that Fake
Unfair Ceremony Without him!.
And Mr. Trump...How Dare You say
what you said in a Cowardly Tweet to
Congressman Lewis! You Will Regret
what you did, on this Dr. Martin Luther
King Celebration Weekend. And Please,
Fall on Your Knees.. and Get You Some Help!
And Listen Democrats, Get up off of
Your Tail of a Comfort Zone.
Get a Back Bone Like John Lewis,
Dennounce Trumps Legitimacy
And Do Not Show Up on January
20th. Sen. Cory Booker, We are
Proud of You! Thank You for having
A Back Bone! May God Continue to
Use You, and Cover You. Yes, The Whole Truth Will Come out about
 Russia, Putin and Others.
And "IF" God Allows
This Swearing In Ceremony to
Go forth, Democrats....Wear
Trump Down Baby!....Wear him
And The Republicans Down!
Because if You Do Not, We The
People,  The Ones that You work
For, Will Wear You Down!
Whether in Washington,DC
Or Everytime that You Go Home.
People, Wake Up and Pray. And All
Of You Folk, Celebrity, or not
Black or White, Clergy( Who
are Walking Around with Some
Trump Money in Their Pockets)...
Who ever you are...All of You
Who is giving Donald Trump
A Wink and a Nod and a  Pat on The
Back or a Kissing Up....Watch Out,
For You are going to Live to Regret
It. For God....Not The Media
Is Not Finished Yet. And He has
Some Giant Major Truths
that Is About to Come
Out. And for The First time in his
Life... Donald Trump Will Not be
Able to
Get away With This One!
This Man has Some Racial, Mental
Challenges, and He Can Not,
Will Not Run this Country.
Not him, his Family nor
None of those Other Hateful
demons.  None of You
Will have The Power to
Do The Awful things that God
Knows that You got Planned
For His People. And God said
That His People Needs to Repent,
Seek His Face and Pray.
Do this Now, So that His Mercy and Grace can Stop this man.
So in a Minute,
I Gurantee you that It is going
To be hard to find Anyone who
Will Admit that They Voted for or
Supported Donald Trump.
So Get out and March with Rev.
Al Sharpton and Others tomorrow-
January 14th, 2017. Get up
and March with Millions
Of Women on January 21st,
2017. Join All of The Peaceful
Marches and Community
Organizations, and Let it
Be Known, to Donald Trump, The
Hater Blocking Republicans
and Any Democrats who will
Not Do their Job, that We Will
Not Put up with Your Mess Anymore!
President Obama, We will Truly
Miss You. And All of those Black,
White, Brown People or Whatever who Did
Not Appreciate You these Past
8 Years....Don't Worry...They Will! So, People,
Wake Up, Get Your War Clothes On Baby!
For it's Time to Fight.
And  Ask God to Help You.
So People, Pray, Stand Up  and Fight.......
......Like You Never have Before!