Friday, May 1, 2015


Well, Well, Well! Just when it looked like nothing Was going to happen for a while or at all, here comes State Attorney General Marilyn Mosby making an announcement in front of a judicial building. Her announcement was that all six officers were charged in regards to the death of Freddie Gray. But not only that, one or two were charged with Murder. This was unexpected or at least not expected at this moment. while this is a sad case for the families of the officers and the family of Freddie Gray, you can hear horns blow in the streets of Baltimore when that was announced. And you can almost see a sense of relief on some of the citizens face. It is like someone lifted a boulder off of their shoulders. But on the other hand, the police union in Baltimore has called for an independent investigation, feeling that they need a second pair of eyes and ears who is not connected with Mosby's office. Wow! how ironic.. I just remember recently from Michael Brown, Eric Garner's death and others that the attorney's for the families of the deceased were asking for an outside independent investigation as well. And you know what? Some of the same ones who have asked for this action to be done in Baltimore, maybe back then felt that those request were offensive to police officers. It was also something to finally get the long pained question that America has been asking answered, and that was...What did Freddie Gray do to get arrested in the first place? Well, according to Attorney Mosby's investigation ..Freddie Gray did Nothing. And the knife that he had on him was not illegal. So, what happened in that van? I mean for Real. Seeing Mr. Gray in pain on his way to the van in the hands of The Baltimore Police was awful. But to see that he was in respiratory distress and was ignored when he asked for an inhaler was very painful. You know, That could of been anybody's son...Wake up Everybody. In Peace and in Prayer, we need to take all of these cases like it's Personal! No matter what community or city that you live in! And making it personal also goes with this black on black crime as well. All of it Has to Stop Now! So, where do we go from here? Well, my advice is to Take a note from the page of a Man of Great Wisdom. And that is congressman Elijah Cummings! Every night he has been on the streets in the faces of hundreds of protesters giving them advice, loving them and telling them to go home at curfew. Rep. Cummings is no punk, and no sell out. He is genuine. And he has been a fighter for all of us for years. He knows about injustice. He knows about fighting. This man of wisdom has been humiliated on the floor of the congress and in many committees by the republican party many times. But he has always kept going. Congressman Elijah Cummings, We Love You and are Proud of you. And please, just keep on keeping on! The young men in the community and this nation can learn a lot from you. So to the protesters in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Minnesota and the like. I have a challenge for you, Put Your Common Sense and Guts where your mouth is. It's just like what Atty. Mosby said...You said No Justice No Peace, well justice is now in process. So, Man Up, Woman Up and keep the peace. Because if you don't...your sins will find you out. just as some of us suspected, we will see that it never was about Freddie Gray with you. We will see that it was never about your voices not being heard or about jobs...You just wanted to tear down and destroy and maybe you were getting a few bucks to do it! Well if this is You. The people who do care, love their community and who want to fight peacefully, they will move you out of the way...So No Justice, No Peace! But, Peace, Peace, Peace Must Be Still!! Blessings PastorD

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