Monday, May 11, 2015


                                     {Consumers Corner}


Today's Consumer Corner is about  Car Dealers/Buying a Car.
So here are a few tips for you;
Purchasing a Vehicle:
1. If You get a promo ad from a car dealer, promising  you the moon and the the fine print.
2. If you are Planning on trying to finance your car or finance a trade, see the Finance Manager First.
   When you want to hopefully get an  honest deal, you don't want to see the salesman first. For he/she
  would have your hopes built up high just for the Finance Manager to burst it.
  Know your Credit Score, so that you  can be the boss of the negotiations. If you have poor credit...
  welcome to the club of many. But still be proactive.  When a car dealer advertises that no matter
  what your credit is that they guarantee  that they will put you in a car...make them clarify that.
  What kind of car? Will I need a large down payment and a pint of my blood or what? Take authority...nicely. Don't let them make you feel that you need to take what we give you, and
just be glad that you have....Something!!..Don't Put up with that!

Serve Me Right!
1. Always check out the service department of that dealership.
  How goes the service department, so goes the dealership.

2. Do not take their word for anything.  As a matter of fact, before choosing a dealership, try to
   to check on their most recent reviews. And when you get there, go to the service department and
  ask the customers who are waiting on their car, how good has their service department been to them.

Carfax Me!

1. We Thank God for The Carfax. But sometimes carfax miss some things.  So do your own home work..Take GM Cars for example..Carfax could not have shown all of those recalls.
But Still, make them show you the Carfax.

Buy Me...Pretty Lady!
Women, be an Educated Consumer. Don't fall for that ...It's a Pretty Color, and
You can see yourself really good in the mirror Stuff! Tell then to lift up that Hood!

And to both Male and Female beware. Bring a Good Mechanic with you.
whether it's used or new. And during the test drive, don't let the car salesman/woman turn
on the AC or the Radio just so they can drown out the noise that they do not want you to hear.

So, these are just a few tips. Unfortunately, me and my daughter know a lot more about
cars then our Male Husbands. We have degrees and both preach. But we are tough on
car dealers. And you should be too....In a nice way that is...

Now, here is something that I would like to leave with you.
1. Be Careful what you sign. Don't say that you understand what they explained to you
  at one hundred miles a hour, if you don't.
2. If you have problems with a car that you purchased or the way that you were treated:
a). Complain to The Sales/General  Manager. ..If that  do not work.then..
b). saids to fill out a CSS Form and file a Consumer Complaint.
 Yes, I agree with that. And I also agree to...
c). Contact your State Attorney General's Office and file a complaint.
d). File a Complaint with The Better Business Bureau.
***And in the State of Michigan..Contact The Regulatory Division of  The Secretary of State
@ 1-888-SOS-MICH ( 1-888-767-6424)
So Be Good Consumers. Enjoy a Good, Safe Vehicle for you and your family.
And If They Say That They Have The Best Deal....Tell Them To Put It In Writing!

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