Monday, May 25, 2015


   Happy Memorial Day. Blessed Memorial Day to The Current Active Military,
The Veterans who lost their life in battle, The Veterans who are alive but still in a
Physical/Emotional and Economical Battle, and to The Love Ones who weren't in
The Military but who have gone on.

Today in Our Consumers Corner, I just want to very briefly bring up something that I neglected to do
 in my Grocery Store Session.  Today is the first spring/summer holiday.
And folk have been going to the store seeing what they can afford
to buy  which will help them celebrate this day....Safely. Although we all
appreciate a good deal, let's  be mindful and cautious when we shop.

Things like, The Red Light Special....Be Careful. You know how we would intentionally look
for that yellow or orange clearance sign when we shop for clothes furniture and the like?...
Well, tough as times are, I would not recommend that when you shop for food.
listen, day old bread, or can goods is one thing, but Meat, like hamburger, chicken and pork, and
dairy, I don't think so!  And in my experience and opinion, I would not put my family's
health at stake, by going home and cooking a hamburger or a pork chop that had
a red label on it..."Manager's Special"...Me personally, I would have to go straight
from the cash register, straight to my Kitchen , scrub and scrub the meat and cook it
immediately.  Even better than that, why don't you invite the manager of that store to
come to your house for dinner and let him or her share that meal, if they think that it so
safe for You to give to Your family. And as you recall, I mentioned before about Meat Smelling
in the store in an earlier blog...."Something Smells...In Denmark".. By all means, if you see meat at the store, that has a "Manager's Special"  Label on it, and it is Green, Gray and it Smells...
Baby you need to just walk away. No, You need to Run, Run as fast as you can out of that door.
 and as you do, you need to hand that meat over to that manager, and let them know that you are
 going to Report Them! You see your family may be on a tight budget, but they should not have
to die  early just to get a Deal!

   So, Be Safe on this Holiday.  Use Wisdom and Common Sense.  And Happy Memorial Day, to Birdtrice J. Smith, The Woman who gave me life way over fifty years ago and who passed this life in
February of 2008.  We miss You Mom /Grammy!   Okay, Everybody, Be Safe. And Don't Drink and know what?.....Just Don't Drink!

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