Thursday, May 7, 2015

"PRAY.....SERIOUSLY PRAY!!!" The National Day of Prayer-2015

Today is The National Day of Prayer. A day set aside for this nation to pray as one for one goal. Unfortunately, some people are going to use it as a political tool to bring more hate, lift up racism and to bring down our President, President Barack Obama. This man Needs the True Prayers of The Righteous and of the ones who Love God...For Real. So even if you do not agree with everything that he does...We should Pray that the Holy Ghost will direct him when he needs direction. And Right now in the name of Jesus, I Pray for President Obama, First Lady Michelle and his daughters and Family. So on this day, I am asking those who Really Know the Lord, to Pray Jesus Peace, Jesus Love, And to Pray Jesus Blood over Our Homes, Our Body and over this Nation. For Greater is He..Jesus, that's in us than the enemy in me, the Haters, the Police Brutality, Economic Lack, isis and the like, and even the devil himself that it's in the World.....For God is Greater!! But we must not forget, what else that We Must Do...So, let's take out a moment and read 2nd Chronicles 7:12-14.- 7: 14 Saids "If My People who are called by My name, will Humble themselves and Pray and Seek My Face, then will I hear from Heaven, and it is then that I will Heal their Land" Yes, We Must do this, as We Lift this Saviour Up! for it's time to Stop Lifting up the Haters and evil doers who only want to destroy across this world... for when all of the haters and evil folk are gone, God will Still be Here! For Always and Forever and Forever, and Ever..God will Still Be The Great I am!. So on this day, Pray. And to the Church Get Ready, for playing time is Over. For Jesus will be Coming Back Real Soon Now, Sooner than Soon! So, Let's Stand up, Fight and Seriously, Seriously, Seriously.... Pray! Blessings PastorD

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